Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Can't Just Sit There

Tuesday. My car to the doctor in the Morning, actually as soon as I post this. Then to Mom for dinner and to spend the night. My sister, bless her heart, is giving me Wednesday night off for my birthday

I'm sitting in my backyard in a nice lawn chair, some how taking a trip doesn't come into my mind:


I always like to give the devil his due and credit where credit is do. The man in the above article isn't the first one to fly in a lawn chair. Larry Walter receives that honor. His response when he asked why he did it was "you can't just sit there"


Larry had a bunch of snacks on board including Doritos and Cookies. To help our new lawn chair balloonist prepare for his trip:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Ah, a birthday coming up. And soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILL, I hope you have a perfect day.

Some ballooning adventures this guy has had. I was amused by his managing to lose altitude by shooting his own balloons with a Red Ryder BB rifle. "You can't just sit there" is funny no matter who said it.

I'll have to try the top-rated chocolate chip cookies. I haven't found store-bought ones I liked yet. Except maybe for Famous Amos, which they don't rate very highly. Hmmm... different strokes...

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Yup Thursday is the day I am regretting. Sis wanted me to wake up in my own house on my birthday so she is taking my night. Fair warning, I've already done Thursday's post and it is a reflection on my life, boring stuff, so you may want to avoid the blog that day!

Larry Walter was really amazing and inventive if maybe a little stupid. Can you imagine the pilots over LA International seeing a lawn chair in their flight path? I can just hear the conversations between them!

My favorite chocolate chip cookies are the ones at Safeway!


Lady DR said...

There is nothing boring about your life and kudos to Sis for giving you the night before off. Celebrate, Bill, in whatever way is right for you. Since I'm a couple months behind you, any suggestions are welcome (g).

I remember the first guy and the patio chair. Hadn't realized there had been so many other flights, since then. Yes, your picture of the reaction of the pilots at LAX is really funny.

As to chocolate chip cookies, I've never found a packaged brand I liked. The frozen dough is better than any of them, although you just can't beat good, old fashioned, homemade, IMHO. (This from the woman who probably hasn't made homemade choc chip cookies in ten years!)

William J. said...


The post Thursday probably really is boring as most of it you have seen or read before. It is just that I needed to go over my past and wonder what kind of like I had, what I accomplished (as I always feel I should have accomplished more) and some conclusions I mad. I found it pretty healing and enlightening to go over old photo ablums and experiences.

We first heard of Larry Walther on the Robert Fulgham tape. I didn't realize Larry had become such an icon and so many had copied him.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best - nothing beats them!