Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wednesday is a good day to celebrate. Celebrating those folks that shine by doing things differently than their social group..

First let's celebrate this rich guy is doing things differently:

Let's celebrate this young one that stands out from his age group:

Next up is celebrating an archaeologist finding something older than his contemporaries:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Bravo to Yusuf Hamied! Anything to bring the costs of drugs down.

And a few more bravos to the girl who's questioning (and sometimes praising) her school lunches. Freedom of the blogger, by golly!

So lucky that the piece of rock art was done with charcoal so they could reliably date it. It's so amazing that they can do that at all.

Mary Z said...

Let's just celebrate your birthday. Many happy returns!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I admire Yusuf, there are a lot of things he could do with his money and I think he made the right choice.

The little food critic should be free to eath and criticize!

I was stunned how they determined the age of the rock.


William J. said...

Hi Mary Z

Thanks for the wishes, a good way to start the celebration!!


Lady DR said...

I'm with Pat - yea to Hamied. The sad truth is many in our country can't afford the drugs that would give them relief from pain, possible slowing of many diseases and additional quality of life. It's pretty obvious the pharmeceuticals want the money. They say for further research, but I suspect a look at their profit lines and the gov't and agency grants they get would tell a different story.

I'd seen something about Martha earlier. Kudos to her for both her blogging about lunches and, especially, for the increase in donations for meals for those who can't afford them.

I also agree with Mary - have a great birthday and many more!

William J. said...


Pharmacy companies are after the almighty dollar and imho create shortages on purpose to up the cost. That is why some cancer drugs have been hard to get. We just need more Harried's in the world.

And more Martha's would help the world too.

Thank you for the nice birthday wishsed.