Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Relative Obscurity

I've always been the most obscure relative. In my high school years my head cheerleader sister and my all state athlete brother were the who's who of our high school society. I was the who's he of high school society. And it has been kind of like that during my adult years also. Sometimes I am included in family outings, sometimes not. But I am always the first one called when anyone needs help. So it has been really nice to be included this week in the visits of my relatives from Texas and all anyone wants is my company. Miracles do happen.

First up is my nephew Robin and his wife Kelli with my Mom:

Robin is my sister's husband's son. He lived with all his formative and high school years. He was in the Air Force for several years and just got out of the service a little over a year ago. She is just a very sweet person. She is a registered nurse.

Next up is Robin's and Kelli's Kids. He has three from a previous marriage, she has two from a previous marriage, and the young girl is their own. One of the six is missing because he couldn't get off of work to come to Oregon. He is 21.

Next up is my niece Lisa. This my sister's daughter. This is the one that just finished being the morning news anchor on Channel 11 in Dallas, Texas. She will have an on air audition on Channel 11 in Los Angeles. She will be hosting Good Day LA from July 10 through July 13.

Here is an article about Channel 11. Makes me wonder if my niece is heading to the Lions' Den:

Next up is my Mom at the dinner table:

She was feeling pretty lousy yesterday afternoon but I kind of made her go to dinner at my sister's house. And she got better and had a good time.

This is Kelli, she has the best attitude. She is just going with the flow and said she is just going to do what she is told. That she likes not being in charge of a change.

This is Kelli & Lisa together. Even though they aren't related except through marriage they could be sisters!

This is my sister and her granddaughter Gracie

I will report in about Bullwinkles tomorrow. I survived.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

First, I see you survived Bullwinkle's. I had every confidence that you would, but CONGRATULATIONS anyway. {G} I hope you enjoyed it, at least.

I wouldn't doubt for a moment that your niece is heading into the lion's den by auditioning in L.A. It sure doesn't sound like a happy ship judging from that mini-article about all the friction. I've never seen the show (but I will when Lisa auditions, yes, really I will), so from their photo, I can't tell which woman is the anchor who's leaving and who's the weatherperson. Judging from other news shows, I'd guess the one with all the hair is weather. Oh, wait! They do identify them way down at the bottom. I guessed right.

Your mom still looks wonderful. It's hard to believe she's declining. But that happens often, so I do believe what you say when you mention that. And I'm always very sorry to hear it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Bullwinkles was a reality check and I survived it but barely.

Jillian is a red head and before this gig was on Sunday Morning professional football shows. She is the one that went on the Howard Stern show and dished the long time anchor, the blonde. The one that gets the job according to rumor is the one that will bring peace to the set.

Even the doctors tell Mom they have a hard time believing what she is saying about her health because she looks so good.