Saturday, June 23, 2012

A New Beginning

My birthday is going to last longer than War & Peace. The caregiver is fixing me a birthday dinner Monday night. My favorite Albany Oregon relatives, Don & Belva, are going to take me to lunch on Wednesday. Then sister and brother-in-law are taking me to the casino next Saturday. We were going to go today but the weather is a little uncooperative. Yesterday I got a really nice card and a fifty dollar gift card from my seasonal jobs. It was such a surprise. Some really nice comments, most about me looking youn and being young at heart. Then letter in the day I got a nice phone call from Jon, a former client. He is the one that when I first met him he was basically broke and working out of the trunk of his car. He is now a millionaire many times over. He basically thanked me for helping to make him a millionaire. I thought my birthday ended at midnight Thursday but if I manage this right I may able to get a free meal every day until my next birthday.

Since my life is starting a new I have decided to make some changes. No more Macy's for me. I'm shopping at Goodwill:

But I am not giving up shopping at Nordstrom's. They just have to good of customer service. Plus they watch out for our children:

One of the things that I plan on trying to do the rest of my life is to turn bad experiences into good ones:

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Pat said...

You're going to give our mutual friend Cathy a run for her money in making your birthday last a long time. {g} Good for you, go for the title!

I never found a diamond ring in any of my Goodwill purchases, but maybe I'll keep looking, along with you.

I saw the story from Nordstrom's. Good for them. That mother is an idiot. She should be banned from all stores, not just the one.

At first, I thought the bullied bus monitor story was a horrible example of 7th grade behavior. I still think that, but I also think her getting over half a million bucks for NOT doing what I assume was her job--keeping order on the bus--is more than ridiculous.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I was thinking of Cathy too when I post that.

I've never found anything I wanted at Goodwill except a floppy drive.

It just makes you wonder about people being so clueless. How many stories each year do you hear of babies dying in the heat being left in the car? Another one is falling out of upstairs windows, we have had a least five stories of babies and young children falling out of second story windows because the parents didn't secure the window. One story would be enough for me and I'd make sure that damn window was secured.

I agree with you about the bus monitor but I am hoping not all the money will go to her but it will go to several causes. My heart was also crushed when I heard her son committed suicide and one of the taunts was he committed suicide because he didn't like his mother.


snugpug said...

Well, enjoy, I think you deserve a birthday that goes on forever. :)

William J. said...

What a nice thing to say and what a really great start to the day, thank you Snug!