Monday, June 18, 2012

Elder Abuse

I missed an important date. Last Friday June 16, 2012:

Think elder abuse is just in Illinois? Guess again

Some of help offered from a side bar in the above article:

Preventing Abuse. First the elderly checklist: Call an attorney, Inform others, Standup for yourself, and be skeptical. Caregivers checklist. Pay attention, monitor relationships, call immediately if you suspect something, and tune in.

Think it is only an Illinois and Oregon problem? Following is a complete study of elderly abuse. Since it is an older study double the statistics you read in the report.

Since it is quite long here are the highlights:

The National Center on Elder Abuse estimated that more than a million (1,000,935) seniors suffered abuse or neglect in a single year

Female elders are abused at a higher rate than males, after accounting for their larger proportion in the aging population.

Our oldest elders (80 years and over) are abused and neglected at two to three times their proportion of the elderly population.

In almost 90 percent of the elder abuse and neglect incidents with a known perpetrator, the perpetrator is a family member, and two-thirds of the perpetrators are adult children or spouses.

Victims of self-neglect are usually depressed, confused, or extremely frail.

Here is a final link that has within in it a state by state listing of numbers to call to report elderly abuse.

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Pat said...

I seem to miss most of those "awareness" days, so don't feel too bad. Elder abuse is totally reprehensible, as is abuse of children. Or really, anyone more or less helpless. Some people are just amazingly thoughtless and greedy.

Lady DR said...

Missed the "awareness" day, as well. However, I find the issue of elder abuse disturbing and somewhat frightening, whether it's a case of a single child taking advantage or a family where siblings believe the "one in charge" is doing all the "right and best things." How is one to know? I agree with Pat, abuse of anyone more or less helpless is reprehensible and something I don't understand. It still goes back to the question of "how do you know?"
I do recall being in line at the bank behind a man, when the tellers refused to cash a check he offered. He was quite huffy, as he was a signator on his mother's account and that's what the check was drawn on. However, they'd noticed some strange withdrawals and discrepencies and had been told not to honor any cashchecks he wrote, without some sort of authorization from his mother. That was when we were still a small branch of a small bank. It was good to know someone was watching out for the older woman. I doubt such would be the case, now that we've gone through all the mergers.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think anyone that abuses a child, the elderly, animals or a woman has no character and doesn't deserve to be on this earth. Taking advantage of the helpless is just so despicable that I sometimes even have trouble reading about it.


William J. said...


This awareness day was a big one for me to miss since once of the reasons the blog was started was elder care.

Elder abuse is extremely disturbing and frightening and so wrong. The fact that the abused knows the abuser 90% of the time is a real head shaker.

Thank goodness there are banks like the one in your story. I'm a signer on all my mom's account but I'd never steal from her. I couldn't live with myself if I did. It makes me wonder where consciences went.