Friday, June 22, 2012

Off The Shelf

Friday. Ahh the end of a busy week. I'm glad it is here. I kind of like to clear things off the shelf on Friday's so I can start the nest week with a clean slate. Today all articles coming off the shelf. Ones that have been there for more than a couple of day.

Where are the best places for women to live?

What about the best place to buy some cheap houses?

Where is the best place not to wear a Rosary?

Comment Away


Pat said...

Can't say the list of best countries for women held many surprises, though I think I'd put Saudi Arabia at the bottom.

Of the foreclosures, I'd say I'm surprised to see Seattle there, but otoh, maybe not. Maybe all those dot com millionaires are falling upon hard times. Love the Tucson house, though I wouldn't really want to live in Tucson.

Good grief! A rosary as a gang symbol? What will these idiot 'bangers think of next. No matter how silly it sounds, and how nice it is that he supports his grandmother, he's probably better off not wearing it where anyone can see it. I wouldn't trust the gangbangers to leave him alone.

Lady DR said...

Interesting the top four countries are basically Brits, eh? I can see where political issues alone might put the US out of the top running, as well as the general economy, which affects jobs and education.

The foreclosures are still largely out of my budget, with a couple exceptions. However, when one eliminates two story homes and properties of less than an acre, there's little to choose from. Call me picky.

I cannot believe the rosary is being considered a gang symbol... if the bit about gangs is true, I'd like to hang them by their thumbs. If not, I'd like to hang the "authorities" by their thumbs. I do agree with Pat - if true, he's probably better off carrying it in his pocket, rather than wearing it. Sigh. At the risk of sounding like my grandmother, "What is the world coming to?"

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Saudi Arabia shouldn't even be anywhere near the list.

Living in the NW I am not surprised by Seattle because the NW came in late to the bad real estate market and are slower to recover. Who would want to live in Tucson?

I'm guessing the gangs probably don't even know what a rosary is they just like the looks. And I agree it is much safer for him not to wear or to wear it where it can't be seen.


William J. said...


That kind of surprised me too, that the top ones were all Brits, maybe they are just ahead of us. I was actually surprised the US wasn't on the list.

I don't think you are being picky, one of my major complaints is with the aging population bulders don't build more single level homes.

The gangs will use anything that looks pretty and fits their color scheme. I would like to hang them by their thumbs also but the rope might get dirty. We all agree that if the gang thing is true he is better off not wearing the rosary or wearing in places it can't be seen.