Friday, June 8, 2012

Cool Things

Today's first article titled "cool animal hybrids" lead me to do a post today about cool things. Cleaning house I didn't find any dead bodies or weird animals but I did find a couple of cool things. First, the cool animal article:

I cleaned the upstairs first. Cleaning out one of the closets I found something my dad gave me shortly before he died:

Pretty cool, huh? It still works too.

Moving on down to the downstairs the next cool thing I found was a piece of art. A statue. It reminded me of the story behind it. A son of a client came into my office one day. He said he couldn't afford to pay me to do his tax return and he didn't want his dad to pay for because he wanted to be on his own. When I asked what he did for a living he told me he was an artist. I said OK, I'll do your tax return and you make me something. About a week later he came in with this stature. His tax return was really easy and I was only going to charge him $150. Two hours after he delivered the statue my next door office neighbor, Dick, offered me $450 for it. I turned it down because I liked the story. It has now been valued over a grand.

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Pat said...

Very cool animals! I had heard of a zeedonk but never seen one and couldn't quite imagine how it would look. The "zorse" is pretty amazing looking, too. I had no idea there could be offspring of a dolphin and a killer whale.

Cool watch you found in your cleaning. And what about that statue! You sure got paid well for that tax return. {g} I hope the guy had success with his art!

dona said...

I never knew of the Liger or the Zorse, I like the looks of the Zorse, very cool looking.

And loved your watch find, hope you keep it in your pocket now!! I think its cool to trade services, sometimes you get something really great!

Mary said...

See, this is why I am looking forward to going out on my own. A couple of my clients make really cool things and I'd love to accept payment in kind, but working for a corporation I can never do that. As always, I am impressed by your kindness.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The artist of the stature has actually become pretty famous. Tomorrow I will post a link to his web page. He had and my still currently have his art work in the US Embassey in Japan and in the Japan Embassey in the US.

I hadn't heard of any of the hybrin animals but I sure liked looking at them.

The watch means a lot to me because it is dad's so I am going to look for a chain to attach to it so I can keep it in my pocket.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I liked the Zorse too!

I am going to start carry the watch in my pocket. See note to Pat about the statue.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

Because the artist's dad which such a good client I probably would done his tax return for free. But he didn't want that, he wanted to pull his own weight.