Friday, June 15, 2012

Seminar Day

Off to an eight hour accounting seminar. The last one until December. Yea! It will be a little difficult today because I will have to leave for a while to fix mom lunch with sister and her family at the coast.

There is a Dollar Tree near the seminar so I may sneak out and do some shopping. It is nice to have some guidance as what to buy:

And I ams sure sometime during the seminar that Taxes will come up but I am not sure we will hear anything about a hidden tax:

I am probably one of the view that is hoping someone brings a baby to the seminar. I just think I have a better chance of knowing what is going on with an infant there.

Comment Away


Pat said...

Sorry about the seminar, but happy for you that it's the last one for a while. Happy shopping at the dollar store. I wasn't aware that their electrical cords could be hazardous. That's good to know.

I also had no idea there were special taxes on certain kinds of cheap shoes. That's extremely odd, but not being a big shoe purchaser, I never noticed at all. I wonder how many have. Maybe the superbabies know all these things.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Long day yesterday. First the seminar and then the last night of the relativies visiting so I went directly from the seminar to Mom's and didn't get home until almost eleven.

I chose Target instead of the Dollar Tree, it was closer!

The shoe tax surprised me to and I am supposed to know those things. The baby thing surprised me those things I'm not supposed to know.