Friday, June 29, 2012


A lot of people have nice cars but they should take them back to the dealer and get turn signals installed.

Paper or plastic. Cut down a tree or fill up a landfill. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I wish people would keep their shopping cart on the same side of the aisle as they are. Then I can get by right away without waiting while they decide between fifty brands of toilet paper.

You can learn a lot in a grocery store. I never knew fifteen items or less meant six grocery carts full of groceries.

Speaking of grocery stores, I wish retailers would quit hitting me up for donations at the check stand. Safeway Sherwood is one of the worst offenders I am thinking about having a party for them at my house. Then I am going to hit each one of them up for donations as they walk through my door.

Why does popcorn at the movies taste better than popcorn at home? I just wish the popcorn at the movies was as cheap as the popcorn at the home.

I think it is kind of sad that there has to be sixty-seven warnings before the movie starts asking people to shut off their cell phones. In my world people would do that without being asked.

It bothers me now that I have to comb my hair and look good even in the car just in case I get caught on a red light camera.

Why does a child safety cap mean it will take me three pairs of scissors, two hammers, and a sledge hammer to open the bottle?

Why is bending over easier then getting back up?

Why do people without children know more about parenting than people with children?

Where did creativity go?

Where did compromise go?

Where did respect go?

What was my mind like before I lost it?

Why can I remember what I did on December 15, 1950 and can't remember what I did yesterday?

Why was the age I am old when I was young and now young that I am there?

What are you pondering today? Care to share? Feel free.


Pat said...

Very interesting things to ponder, Bill. I share your wonderment at many of these things.

We seem to have the same experiences at the grocery store and the same reactions to them. I hate being hit up for donations at the checkstand and I hate it equally just outside the door. I also dislike intensely the people who take up the whole aisle while they ponder which brand of toilet paper to buy. Usually they are consulting by cell phone with some "expert" at home, which makes it even more annoying.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It seems like we think a lot alike!

I also don't like being hit up outside the door unless I know it is girl scouts etc. It is so annoy when the cell phone users are blocking the aisle and are clueless to anything around them.
Love the question, "Oh, do you want to get through?" I'm thinking no not really, I am on vacation and am spending it in the grocery aisle.


Lady DR said...

I love this post!
People don't need to get turn signals installed - they need to be advised that using turn signals doesn't deplete their batteries (wry s).
Fortunately, I rarely run into the inconsiderate shopper, especially with cell phone, at at my grocery. Most seem to "park" near the shelves, providing passage. And check-out solicitations are next to none, maybe a sign.

I agree on so many of the other issues. As to child safety-caps - kids are the only ones who can open them. Thankfully, our pharmacy has a note on file that we do NOT want those.

Like you, I'd like to know where creativity, compromise and respect have gone - they do seem to be found among folks over 65 or 70 on most occasions, which may be why I enjoy my older friends.

I have a poster and a button - "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." About cover it.

Actually I spent much of my pondering time on where I'm going, how I'm getting there, why things that should be simple get conplicated and convoluted by human reactions. Why do I spend so much time worrying about what people will think, if I do something that is logical and resolves a problem/issue.

William J. said...


Thanks for the nice comment about the post

Turn signals are supposed to deplete their batteries? Where did they get that!

I think I want to move to you area or at least do my grocery shopping there!

I think our age group grew up and had to be creative in the way we played since there wasn't any technology. Shoot we made up games every day and even did our own plays.

I love the button.

I quit wondering about what people think. Since I am my own worst critic if I please myself I am good to go.