Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dumb Things

Before we get into today's post about dumb things. A couple of blog house cleaning items. The artist of the statue from yesterday's blog entry is Clay Hoffman. Here is his web page:

The Belmont States is today. Unfortunately there will not be a triple crown winner as I'll Have Another was scratched from the race and retired from horse racing. I'm going with Unstoppable. Mainly because I liked the movie.

Now on to dumb things. Can you think anything dumber than having a birthday party in the following venue:

Speaking of dumb you would think that the high school should have double checked the spelling on the diplomas

One more dumb story, a local one too. I think the judge should be recalled because it is the stupidest ruling in the history of the court system. As if rape victims didn't have it hard enough to get justice.

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Pat said...

You were smart to keep Clay's sculpture. I love some of them. I must say I like his early stuff a little better than the later, tho' it's all good.

It's so sad about I'll Have Another retiring, though he'll have a pretty good life with all the mares lined up to breed with him. But shoot, now I have to pick another horse...

just looked at the list with my technique of judging horseflesh by their names. I would probably have picked Unstoppable, too, by that criterion, but to make it a contest, I'll pick a longshot, My Adonis.

The birthday party was one of those videos that stuck on "Loading..."

I got a kick out of "progam" of study, but it would have been funnier if they'd printed "pogrom".

Disturbing call by the judge in the rape case. I'm trying to think if I've Googled anything that could turn out to be "research" on rape. Or anything else possibly incriminating under unusual circumstances. Can't thinkof anything offhand, but I sure don't want anyone looking into what I might look into, just on principal.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I also like Clay's earlier art work. I am not saying this is true with Clay but what happens with a lot of artist when they become popular is that they quit being artist and start being commercial artists. Takes away some of their creativity.

The report was they could have ran I'll Have Another but the risk for injury would have been great and if injured they would have put him down. Then he couldn't make the 50K stud fees per pop.

We certainly have a knack for picking the wrong horses!

The birthday party was a shooting range. Have your teens birthday party at a gun range. Dumb.

LOL. pogrom would have been funnier.

The thing about the judges ruling is it takes away the victim's privacy. And a good defense attorney can turn anything into something rape related.