Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slowing Down

Saturday. And this Saturday is a mixed emotions kind of day. For the last two weeks it is been busy as heck with seminars and relatives visiting. It has been exciting and I loved meeting some of the relatives for the first time and getting reacquainted with relatives I already new. I am glad life is slowly getting back to normal and by the end of next week I will be back on our normal schedule. Mark my friend that lost his wife will be visiting Thursday and Friday and that is the last of the visitors for a while. However, give me a day or two of rest and you want to visit me, come on down!

We took a lot of pictures this week but I don't think any of us had a camera attached to our hindquarters:;_ylt=AmMt1K4E5j81HWGUI9k5XqSs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTRic3BnMmltBG1pdANTZWN0aW9uTGlzdCBGUCBTY2llbmNlBHBrZwMzNWE5NmQ0Yi05ZWQwLTM4YjAtYTRiYi01ZDg3MGI2NjNlYmEEcG9zAzIEc2VjA01lZGlhU2VjdGlvbkxpc3RUZW1wBHZlcgMwYzA0YmE2MS1iNzYyLTExZTEtYjY3NS1kMjNjMmZhZWFhYjk-;_ylg=X3oDMTFlamZvM2ZlBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnM-;_ylv=3

My sister and my Mom were the unsung heroes of the week. Sister did a lot of work before the relatives got here getting everything ready, then she was the marvelous hostess of tremendous proportions while they were here. My mom was a trooper. She hung in their like a champ. Last night we played "Catch Phrase" and she jumped right in on the women's team. She gave some pretty doggone clues too. At about 7:30, my Mom's regular bed time, sister asked if she needed to go to bed and the answer was no she wanted to stay up a play. The game ended at ten. Two secrets, I was more tired than Mom, and the men's team won. To honor Mom and sister the next article is about a unsung hero.

Our family are huggers and touch a lot. Some even say our phones hug and touch:

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dona said...

I do think you need a bit of a rest, you have been busy not only with your visiting, but the posts and pics too. I enjoyed all your pics, you sure have a nice family. I think its great how your mom likes to join in with the games, my mom and her sisters were that way also, could stay up for hours into the nite playing a card game or doing a puzzle with each other.

I hope Mark is getting better each day, not only his health but with the loss of his wife, I am sure he is glad to have you as a friend.

It always amazed me how those cameras stayed attached to these animals, and in the water! Crazy. I used to take pictures endlessly, but keep forgetting anymore, maybe I need to glue it to myself, then I'll have it when I need it!

Pat said...

The poor seals seem to be getting a bad rap. I hope the fannycams will exonerate them.

The whizzy stuff about phones pretty much boggles my mind. I can barely keep up with dumb stuff like texting, let alone banging two phones together so they can talk to each other. Sheesh!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I always like it when I see your name here. I wish I could have met your Mom, she sounds so much like mine. I have one more busy week and then it is rest time. I'm looking forward to just relaxing.

I think Mark's health is improving but he is still struggling with his wife. It will be interesting to see how he is doing.

Pictures or fun to take and can be healing so get you buns in gear and maybe get a new camera and then go to town!

It is amazing that those cameras still work in water let alone stay attached to the animals.

Hi to The Shankster and both be well.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

One of the most amazing things for the Texas Relatives was when they got to see seals on the Oregon coast. I hope they get exonerated also.

And I am with you. What is an I=Phone?