Sunday, July 1, 2012


Looking forward to this week as for the first time in a long time not a lot on the agenda except a to do list with forty-six items on it.

Last week was kind of a blur. Monday night the caregiver had a belated birthday party for me and we watched JOYFUL NOISE. I like the movie a lot. Tuesday was lunch with childhood friend Dave and he told me a story that I will share with you at the end of my updates. Wednesday my good relatives Don & Belva drove all the way up from Albany, Oregon and bought me lunch for my birthday. They are such a fun a positive couple that time goes really fast when Mom and I are with them. Thursday was the Blazer Draft Party. I really enjoyed it. Cheap Eats and a lot of people with a common interest. The Trailblazers had the number six and number eleven pick in the first round. I think they blew the sixth pick. They took a point guard from Weber State, Damian Lilliard when they should picked forward Harrison Barnes. Time will tell who is right, me or the experts. Friday was a me day and I enjoyed the movie, People Like Us. Saturday was taking mom to lunch and fixing dinner for her and the caregiver.

Tomorrow lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday and Tuesday just working on the to do list other than a couple of phone calls checking on her there is no mom time scheduled. Wednesday is my day and night at Mom's. Thursday is a day at Mom's. Friday is a me day. Saturday is a Mom day. No events scheduled next week. And on the seventh week he rested.

The story about Dave is one how little things can impact your life. We were living in Bellflower, California and my sister was living in Woodland Hills. Dave was visiting us in Bellflower. His last day there he wanted to go up and see my sister who used to baby sit him. They were going to meet at a New Age Book Store, then he was going on to San Francisco. Because he was leaving after seeing my sister I didn't go with him and he took the bus. At the bus stop he met a Moonie. Dave was going to Montana U and majoring in Sociology. He was wondering to what to write his master thesis on. When he met the Moonie he made the decision to write the thesis on religious cults. He first joined the Moonies. He then joined the UFO group, the one where they all committed suicide (after he left the group). Then is was several other cults. He wrote his thesis and it was published in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. Due the publication of his article he was given a grant to go to Ireland and study under at the time the leading religious cult expert. While in Ireland he met his wife. See where that chance meeting led?

Now it is your turn comment away then update away.


Pat said...

I have no idea how you keep your schedule straight, Bill! Mine was less complicated when I was working.

Amazing progression there for your friend Dave. It would have been pretty darned amazing even without his having met his wife due to his cult studies, but that's the icing on the cake, isn't it?

Lady DR said...

If being active and involved with people keeps one young, I figure you'll live past a hundred!

Interesting story about Dave. Yes, one chance meeting and a path is chosen. Sounds like it was a good one for him, in many ways.

HoHum week around here. The pool and line dance, all the latter was short-lived, as the hip flared. Getting up an hour or two earlier in the morning, to work on the cancer book, before starting the rest of the day. I feel somewhat virtuous, but can't say I've learned to love it or enjoy early mornings yet. Maybe soon. Starting through all the stuff we hauled out of the RV, filling boxes for the local mission and for Miracle Hills thrift shop. Being ever the optimist, packing away some kitchen items and linens I didn't leave for the buyer and marking the storage boxes, "RV." (g) Incentive for that was Himself purchasing a gun safe, which can only go in the LR (I just have to figure out how to hide or disguise it), which meant making room for it in the corner where we'd stacked all the RV stuff. Otherwise, it's time on the cancer book and time on editorial and staying inside to avoid the triple digit temps. No rain and we're now watering the two flower beds. That's it from here.

dona said...

I like your to do list with 46 items on it...seems even when you don't think your going to be busy, you"re busy!! I just loved Dave's Story! Thanks so much for sharing it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Every Saturday morning I sit down and make a to do list, that is how I track what I have to do and if I forget something someone calls!

A lots of things about Dave, normally I would have driven him up to sisters but didn't that night.


William J. said...


I do think being active is the key, I just need to add a doable exercise program.

I was kind of surprised about the story he told, and the impact of a trip to see my sister had on him!

I am always thrilled when you do the pool and line dance because it is so good for your health. Mental and physical. However, sorry about the hip flaring up hope it is back under control. I am an early riser and I just love sun rises and the smells that early. You will get used to it. Everymorning I get a cup of coffee right after I get up and sit on my front porch taking in the sights, smells, and noises and think about the day ahead of me and what I want to accomplish. The most peaceful time of the day. Hang in there you will get used to it. And the cancer book is so needed.

You talk about me being active! Holy moly you are just as busy!

We have been really lucky with our weather, almost perfect and rain once in a while.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Hope you and The Shankster are doing well!

I normally have over sixty itesm on my to do list so this is an easy week!