Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elderly Going Blind, Hot Cash, Olympics

What makes a blog isn't what I post it is what you post. Sometimes what you post will have an impact for long after you make your comments. I have a search feature on my blog. It really doesn't tell me much. Less than have the time it will tell me the city and state the commenter is from but that is often useless as the city and state will be that of the Internet company and not the commenter. But the one feature I like is the feature that tells me what search words brought someone to the blog. Here are some search words that were used to find my blog yesterday:

"The Dahn Report"

"article on cancer as the most feared disease."

"2012 report of relationship to abuser in elder abuse"

"looking to help someone who is loosingn her sight /"

"elderly going blind"

I used the exact words. Didn't change any of the spelling. The last two are common search words to my blog lately. Some form of searching for how to help a friend or elderly relative that is losing their eye sight. In the last month that combination of search words has been the most frequent of any on the blog. When they use those search words it takes them to this entry on the blog:

Pay close attention to the comments because there is some very useful advise in them. Your words in 2008 are still helping people.

Just a couple of articles today. You have heard of cold cash but have you heard of hot money?

Now on to the Olympics. The opening ceremonies were last night and I really kind of liked them. They were pretty offbeat. It was kind of like the Brits saying we know who we are, we are going to celebrate who we are, so live with it. Before the opening ceremonies there was a column in the USA Today by one of my favorite authors, Craig Wilson, about the Olympic. I can tell you this, if shopping were an Olympic sport I would come home with at least a bronze medal for the best shopper. Do you win the best shopper or the worst shopper?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

We were sure all talkative back in 2008! And darned helpful, too. I don't know of any of that advice that has become outdated, either.

I've heard of hot money and hot jewelry and, well, just about anything of value. But I never before heard of cash money being cooked instead of chicken nuggets! Poor guy! I hope he gets most of it back.

I'm probably sort of a medium shopper. I try to avoid shopping, but when I break down and do some, I suppose I'm fairly good at it.

So here's a question: Are the best shoppers the ones who don't enjoy it but can always get what they need or want? Or those who make a life's work of just the act of shopping?

Lady DR said...

How interesting to go back through the 2008 blog on Mom's MD. So many comments that are still valid today.

As an update... Mom's MD accelerated and she is now legally blind and, for most purposes, blind in a practical way, unfortunately. If she wasn't living with Deb, she'd definitely have to be in assisted living. She can't read, even with a magnifier. I spent evenings in AZ reading the "back home" newspaper backlog to her, as Deb has only so many hours in the day. She can't identify her pills, read her insulin meter nor fill her syringe (she's on a sliding scale, so a pump doesn't work). She can watch the huge TV screen we got her, just before she moved, but has to be within about three feet of it. We were able to employ many of the helpful suggestions everyone offered for a few years and it was so wonderful to be able to come here and get suggestions, advice and experience. We were much more interactive then, it seems.

I cannot imagine how the man or his wife felt, after she "baked" the cash. I'm glad I've chosen other options and hope he can get reimbursement for the money that was burned.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

We sure were talkative back then I wonder what we have to do to get back to that pace. And I agree the advice we gave back then is still good today.

I also hope he gets his money back but he does need to learn that if you hide your money in a an oven don't turn it on.

I think the best shoppers are the ones that get the best bang for their dollar regardless which category they fall into.


William J. said...


I thought it was interesting that the advise we gave then is still good. And I was hoping you would give us an update on your Mom.

I am sorry she has reaced the stage where she is legally blind. It makes me wonder if Deb is really capable of taking care of her. It has to be very hard for and a freaking lot of work.

I would had money the refrigerator but never an oven because I'd forget where I put it and do like the wife did accidently burn it.