Sunday, July 8, 2012

Update Sunday

Been a good week, not as busy as usual but still somewhat busy. Monday was the movie People Like US. Tuesday was working on my to do list and cleaning. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. We had some great meals at home and some nice trips out. Played some Scrabble. Relaxed a bit. Did some shopping at the dollars. Dollar Tree. Dollar Book Store. Friday was a me day. Yesterday was taking Mom out to lunch, well her taking me out since she paid, and fixing dinner for Mom.

On the agenda for this week. Today is lunch with Mom and then fixing dinner for Mom and the caregiver. Tomorrow my birthday continues with friend Naomi meeting my for lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. Tuesday and Wednesday Nights and Thursday day until seven at night are at Mom's. Friday and Saturday are me days.

OK, give me your updates. Tell me about your life last week and your life to be next week. Also tell me your favorite color. (Mine is red)

And tell me if you are going to be talking to yourself today.

Comment Away.


dona said...

Hi Bill, Glad you had a good week, with all you have to do each week I wonder some days how you manage. Sounds like your upcoming week will be a relaxing one, I hope your lunch is great at Ruby Tuesday's, tell me how it is, I have never eaten there.

My favorite color is Black.

I liked the video from the filmmaker, very interesting. And I have been talking to myself for years...I usually answer too, just never thought about filming it. ;)

My week last week? In one word, HOT. I hope it's better this week, is all I can say.

Lady DR said...

Glad you had a couple "me" days and some pleasant time with Mom.

My favorite color is teal, which some consider blue, some green. Looking around my house there's a good deal of light blue, a bit of green in the bath, but no teal. Looking at my wardrobe, the primary color is black, with white, blues and greens as accents and such. Not sure what that says about me (G).

Scattered week. Did finish the editorial project and bill the client. Start new project tomorrow. Four sessions at the pool. Wednesday was devoted to getting the LR ready for the gun safe. Sorted the rest of the RV stuff and got it into storage bins, mostly. My furniture plan didn't work, when I laid out a newspaper "footprint. Ended up flipping that entire end of the room. It's okay for the moment, but needs more refining. I already reported on the Weds nite concert. I did get my exercise that day! Progress on decluttering, some time with the cancer book, more time reading about Indie publishing (very different from self-publishing) and beginning to mentally gird my loins. At least I'm getting closer to knowing what questions to ask. Sticking mostly to indoor projects, with the heat and humidity becoming oppressive. Thank goodness for a/c and electricity.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I hope you get some relief from the weather.

Ruby Tuesday used to be an unhealthy place to eat but they added a lite menu and it isn't to bad.

Interesting favorite color, that would be my second favorite color. I like black dresses on women.

I also talk to myself and answer and like you never thought about filiming it! It reminded me of a I time we buried a bottle with what we saw in the future in Pocatello, Idaho when we were about nine, be interesting to find that now.

Keep drinking a lot of water!


William J. said...


My last office was off of Teal Drive. Interesting choice for you because like your favorite color you don't really stay the same and are multi-talented and do more than one thing!

Congratulations on finishing the editorial project! One more thing off your plate. I hope the four sessions at the pool helped your hip. You are allowed to change your furniture plan, the end result is the most important, not how you get there. Glad you are making progress on the decluttering and even happier that you worked on the cancer book.