Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scary Things

Mom and I had a really nice fourth. But there was one moment during the day when it was really frightening for me. We had just finished playing Scrabble and just mentally disappeared and was really confused for a couple of minutes. I did all the testing to make sure it wasn't a stroke but it was a very frightening moment. There was nothing that apparently caused it. We were having fun. No stress. We were relaxed. Then she couldn't remember what she was doing, where she was at, and confused a pain pill with her insulin. It seemed like it last forever but in reality it only last a couple of minutes. Still it was a scary two minutes and what is even more frightening is it seems to be happy more often now. Speaking of frightening things:

When I think on the bridge to the future I don't want to be on one of these bridges!

Nothing more frightening than a car accident, especially a hit and run.

Thank God there was someone that had the stones to do something

If you depend on your computer or use your computer for fun then this upcoming Monday is kind of frightening:

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Lady DR said...

Glad you enjoyed the 4th. Yes, the incident you describe is both frightening and disconcerting, especially since this isn't the first time it's happened. Glad you knew the tests for stroke.

I'd expected to see bridges over rivers and such, not overpasses, listed in the article. I think the overpasses are more scary.

Good job and kudos to Jaminzez. When my cousin and her husband were literally run down by a DUI in a truck, they were riding (bikes) with friends. The gal stayed with J&B and the husband took off after the driver and corralled her until cops arrived. She was way over the legal alcohol limit.

Hmmm, must have Himelf look at the computer bug thing. I have NOrton and Firefox and suspect I'm quite safe, but whoever knows. I really wish these jerks would get a life.

dona said...

Glad your 4th was good, but am a bit worried of what you mentioned about your mom. What is even weirder, I experienced the same thing with the Shankster on Wednesday also. And I did all the stroke tests you mentioned, like you said, he was fine in a matter of moments. Scary. I chalked it up to the heat, I think it was 106 that day, but am watching him like a hawk, as I am sure you are doing the same with mom.

I did the check on my main comp, and all was good, just need to check dads out now. Thanks for the link up on fb.

William J. said...


It gets more frightening each time with Mom. I haave the stroke signs down pat and have since dad.

Overpasses are definitely more scary! Someone needs to do something with those in the article.

WOW what a story your cousin lived!
Even if I was drunk and was stupid enough to drive I would not run off, I would stay at the accident site.

I went to the FBI web site and my computer is fine. I have both Norton and Firefox but I still checked the computer. Not only do I wish these jerks would get a life, I wish they would use their skills for something good.


William J. said...


Wow that is wierd. I think you are right with The Shankster, the heat and maybe not drinking enough water. I'm glad he is OK.

By the way we are really lucky here because our weather is perfect. 85 yesterday. I couldn't handle 106.

Glad you checked your computer!


Pat said...

I missed all this yesterday, but just want to say yes, what happened with your mom is quite scary. Do you have any information on what might cause these episodes? My guess is that they could be what they call TIAs (transient ischemic attacks). They are like a mini-stroke, but only last a little while and leave no permanent damage. What I read says they can last up to 2 hours.

My mom had them at one time. It would be best to check it all out with her doctor. I'm not sure much of anything can be done... but maybe. That's why we have doctors, right? {s}

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I figured you were up to your eyeballs in company.

I did talk to the doctor about those incidents and she thought the same as you. They might be TIAs and there wasn't much you could do.