Friday, July 20, 2012

Women In The News

Back from Mom's and looking forward to a day of relaxing, writing, and running errands. Today we are celebrating women:

The good woman:

The bad woman:

The smarter gender?

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Pat said...

Well, that was a cliffhanger! So what is the new Plan B for the retiring nurse, I wonder?

What on earth are these terrorists thinking??? I am consistently baffled by what they think blowing themselves up will accomplish.

Women are being better educated and thus score better on IQ tests? That's kind of a no-brainer, though not good news for men who consider themselves superior. Work harder, guys! {g}

Lady DR said...

Before I respond, I'd like to ask for prayers for the victims and families of the Denver theater shooting. I cannot imagine what it must be like for them, just as I can't imagine what would drive an individual to such carnage.

The story about the nurse was so heartwarming, especially as I've know so many wonderful nurses over the years and now have several retired nurses as friends and acquaintances. I'm betting she may retire from the hospital, but not from helping others.

As to the "bad woman..." Like Pat, I can't imagine what drives the terrorists, anymore than the guy in Denver. However, in most cases, blowing themselves up is usually a means of taking a whole lot of other people out at the same time, so I guess they think they're doing their part to destroy the infidels.

Interesting results on the IQ scores. I do think part of it has to do with moving from rote memorization and such to applying analysis and logic. By and large, women do this almost automatically, although it's rarely recognized or realized. How else do they organize a home, raise children, work full time and manage to often include volunteer work as part of their lives? I think it said the IQ testing was for kids between 15 and 18, which might indicate that daughters of the women I described above are seeing very different role models in their mothers than girls of twenty to fifty years ago have seen?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am hoping they will do a follow-up story on the nurse. Maybe we will find out plan B.

I certainly wouldn't blow myself up for anything, if someone wanted to pay for carrying a bomb and blowing myself up I'd tell them to go first.

We do have to work harder but it is about time since women have always had to work harder to prove they were equal with men!


William J. said...


Of course the victims of the Colorado shooting have my prayers. I went to the Dark Night Rises today and boy was the feeling different. I was thinking about writing about it on my blog tomorrow but the emotions are such I'm not sure I can.

There are a ton of marvelous nurses. I'm also betting she may retire from her job but not retire from caring for others.

Sickos. That is my only description. Unbalanced. Misguided, Misled. Dangerous.

I agree the changes in how we educate has something to do with the results. I also think women expanding activites beyond the household have made then more thinkers and less housemaids.
I have no doubt the moms of the 15 to 18 year olds have had a huge impact on their daughters learning.