Friday, July 13, 2012

Light Friday

Not only is it Friday, it is Friday the 13TH. Today I was originally going to a post on the second most feared disease but the combination of the 13TH and Friday made me change my mind to a light post. The second most feared disease can wait until tomorrow.

Let's start with a cliche or two:‘carefully’-cliché--why-journalists-should-stop-using-their-new-favorite-word.html

We've discussed this before but I am on a mission to get rid of "If you will" (I want to shout out when I am in the audience "I won't), "You know" (I don't but I am sure you will tell me), To be honest with you (OK so everything up to now has been a lie), "Matter of Fact" (it isn't fact it is your opinion), Irregardless (don't get me started ), and so on. What would you add to the list?

Now on to a new kind of pole dance:

That woman was darn lucky.

I've always wanted to have animal magnetism. But I think before I reach that point I should be able to choose between a dog fight and surfing goats for the last article. I can't so you get a bonus article today.

The goat and I have something in common. Were both all wet.

Closing with a local story:

Dog goes to the original owner, the twenty year-old is being a Twinkie. Although to add something to the mix, it was in this morning's paper that the girl has asthma and has trained the dog to get her, her inhaler. Also according to the paper they have found an incident of where a dog was trained to be a service dog for asthma patient.

Who would you give the dog to?

Don't let any black cats cross you path, don't walk under any ladders, do spill milk, and for good luck today comment away.


Pat said...

Here are some comments for luck:
"Carefully" is the "in" word now? I hadn't noticed, but will be on the lookout for it. I never noticed "momentum", either, which shows how carefully (oops!) I read political stuff.

Love your "get rid of" list. I'd add an offshoot of "You know", which is "Know what I'm sayin'?" Always thrown in with no time for a reply like "Of COURSE I know what you're saying, you idiot". And let's add the ever-present "like", used with no regard to its meaning or what is to follow.

I saw that woman's impaled car on tv. Yes, she was very lucky!

I suspect the goats might rather be somewhere else. That they even *can* surf is pretty amazing. I suppose the dog should go to his original owner, tho' it's complicated if he's been trained to help the asthmatic girl. And why did he jump the fence and escape in the first place? Not that that necessarily means he was mistreated. We once had an escape artist dog, who just enjoyed wandering.

Lady DR said...

I'm with you on the cliches and over-used (often improperly) words and phrases. One I'd add to the list is "I'd like to..." Well, then, do it.

Scary story about the woman in the car, who had what appears to be a narrow mistake. Was she not paying attention or were there inadequate flags/lights on the truck?

As to the dog issue... need much more information to decide which way I'd go. It does sound as if both individuals did their best to locate the dog or the owner. Not sure how far to make the service dog idea stretch, especially if the dog recognized its original owner. I recognize the importance of an inhaler for an asthma patient, but unless she's incapable of getting the inhaler for herself...

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I hate "know what I'm saying" and like I hate like!

They showed the video on TV and it was amazing that the poles just missed the woman.

I'm with you about the goats I don't every much that they want to surf.

I don't know why the dog jumped the fence. But the guy when to a large effort to find him. He just have had a microchip installed in the dog.

Katie was an escape artist cat but she always came back.


William J. said...


And I agree with you about "I'd like to" so annoying. Another one I just thought of "at this point in time" when they mean now.

I think she was probably following to close. There were flags on the truck it is just that he slammed on his breaks and didn't have the stuff tied down tight enough.

It was by chance the guy found his go. He was in the woman's car at a Stabuck's and when the dog seen the old owner he jumped out of the window and headed to the old owner. She at first agreed to give the dog back but then didn't show up for the meeting.



On the Oregonian's web sit it was running 9-1 in favor of giving the dog to the original owner.