Saturday, July 14, 2012


Another day where I am pushing the serious stuff back a couple of days and going with the light stuff. Today we are going with signs. Funny signs. People holding signs on the side of the rode. Just signs.

First up is the good dude:

You all remember my birthday of a few years ago when we did the kindness thing? Remember how good we all felt about and how many people benefited? I can understand Doug Eaton's joy at what he did.
Now the questionable dudette:

I can understand how inflation might turn some people into panhandlers, just not that kind of inflation.

Have you ever been taken back about the name of some streets?

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Pat said...

Love that first forest fire sign! Great birthday celebration for the guy giving away money. I wish his sign was clear enough to read. I wasn't able to enlarge it enough, plus his hand and their caption were in the way.

I'm not in love with panhandling for any reason, but I suppose wanting bigger boobs is as good a reason as wanting a beer or drugs. Love the funny street names. Peepee Falls is my fave.

And after seeing the last sign, I will NOT sit, climb, or lean on the zoo fences. Honest I won't. I have too much regard for animals.

Lady DR said...

Kudos to the guy giving away money on his birthday. Yes, I remember our kindness marathon for your birthday.
The gal wanting bigger boobs... sorry, she doesn't get my donation. And the stories below that, about cosmetic surgery going awry, were pretty horrifying.
Got a giggle out of the street signs. One are we lived in, in FL, named the cul de sacs after the planets. Fortunately, we did not choose a home on Uranus. We do have some interesting street names around here, particularly the roads "out in the sticks," but they escape me at the moment.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I liked the first sign also. I had others to pick from but the two I picked were the most mild.

I also tried to read the guys sign and even did a search of his name to see if there was a clearer picture out but did so with no luck.

Panhandling drives me nuts because I never know if they are shams are really someone that needs help. I don't think I would donate for the boob job unless she was a client.

I liked a lot of the street signs!

I am not sure what is worse, being eaten by an animal or making them sick so I am not leaning on any Zoo fences.


William J. said...


I think everyone should do some kind of a kindness marathon for their birthday! Good for the guy.

The boob gal doesn't get my donation either and I've heard numerous horror stories about plastic surgery which is why I haven't done any of it.

The street signs made me laugh alos. I am glad you didn't have to tell people to up Uranus to get to your house.

We have a lot of Indian names in the Northwest so they are hard to pronounce.