Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Dad, Bad Dad? Good News, Bad News.

Heading out a little after noon to Mom's and will return Thursday night. On today's post there will be two articles about the same girl.


Do you think the dad made the right call? At the end of today's post under "PS" there is an update. I kind of admire the dad for making a tough decision but had it been my daughter she would have been off to Disneyland with Make A Wish.

Good news on the cancer front:


Bad news for a young assault victim:


I'm sorry I am on the girls side. Those arseholes should be outed. The girl doesn't deserve jail she deserves a medal.

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Lady DR said...

Intriguing posts, Bill.

First, yea! on another possible advance in cancer treatment. I hope they'll be able to move fairly quickly on clinical trials and, if they prove positive, get these treatments available soon.

As to the gal and the Disney trip, there seem to be conflicting issues, with the dad and the mom/grandmother. I don't agree with the dad's decision, although he tries to sound very altruistic. The daughter is in remission, not cured, and she's been through two years of treatments many adults can't deal with. She still has some problems, it appears. Good for all the folks who've chipped in for her trip and good for the mother stating that any extra monies will go toward making such trips possible for others.

The story on the assault victim is appalling. First, the fact she and her parents were never involved in the plea bargain and punishment decisions. Second that anyone would even consider pitching her in jail, for going public, despite the gag order. I doubt she would ever have gotten it removed. Definitely a case of begging forgiveness, rather than asking permission, although I don't think she needs to ask forgiveness, given all she's gone through. While we don't know what the "punishment" for the boys may have been, I get the impression it was fairly light. IF that's the case, I'd be concerned the boys would see this as a lark where they got caught and they'll just be careful not to get caught the next time. When will we learn that not making individuals responsible for their actions only leads to more negative actions?

Pat said...

I'm with you, Bill. Dad should shut up except to say thanks to Make a Wish. I'm glad to see the girl will get to go after all.

And gee whiz, another cancer breakthrough to wait for! Sigh.

I'm sure that girl didn't go through proper legal channels before outing her attackers. Should she be punished? Heck, no! I hope they totally let her off the hook. And I hope her online comments stay there for all to read.

I wonder what the boys' punishment will be.

BooKat said...

Just saw this blog in a Google search-a-roo, thought I'd drop in. Good news, Savannah Dietrich actually isn't going to be charged after all. It was dropped. And as for McKenna May and Disney, the father changed his story many times and has settled on the "give it to sicker kids" excuse for denying the trip because it makes him look less like a jerk. That little girl had to have her trip canceled twice because of being to ill to go and finally, once she's in remission, he takes that trip away from her, once he has the power to. This is a guy who just recently got visitation and with those rights decides to pull an incredible cruel move of taking away something his daughter probably looked forward to throughout her illness. Yes, William May is a very bad dad.

William J. said...


What I like about the cancer find is these drugs are already approved and in use. They just aren't being used for cancer treatments. Seens like an easy transition for me.

See what our new poster BooKat has to say about the dad. That additional information makes me dislike the dude even more.

The authorities withdrew their charges due to the outrage. Again see BooKat's post. The thing that bothers me is that they even attempted to charge her. How dumb was that? They didn't think there would be an outrage? Stupid. I also think the boys should be outed and punished.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

See the post from BooKat the dad is a jerk and an idiot.

The thing about the breakthrough is the drugs are already in use to treat heart patient so the transition to approval for cancer treatment should be pretty swift.

The authorities withdrew their charges against the girls. Charges that never should have been brought in the first place.


William J. said...

Hello BooKat

Welcome to the blog. I am sure you will find this a freindly place to hang out. I'm at my Mom's for a couple of days, when I get back on Friday I will find a post where the posters here introduced themselves so you will feel comfortable with them.

Thank you both for posting and for the additional information. The dad is a jerk. Not a man I would like that is for sure. The girl never should have been charged in the first place. I am glad the right thing was finally done!


Lady DR said...

Welcome, BooKat, and thanks for the additional information. Good news on Savannah.

I hope you'll stick around and get acquainted and join in.