Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food For The Day

After some serious discussions the last two days we are returning to fluff. French fries! Did you know July 12, 2012 was national French Day? Neither did I and I know what French fries I like best. A local outfit called Helvatia Tavern. As for chains I kind of like Carl's Jr.'s sweet potato fries. Do you agree with teh following article?

Do you ever dip your fries in spinach dip? Want to know what the best is?

Of course if you go out to dinner you are going to have to take you wallet along. Do you know what to in your wallet? Check out the following article to see if you are doing right by your wallet:

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Pat said...

I still think the best fries are MacDonald's, but I very rarely eat anybody's French fries, so what do I know? I sure never thought about them being "the thicker the healthier" since I like the thin ones best.

I'll keep the spinach/artichoke dip in mind if I ever need to choose among those chains. As of now, I don't think I've ever had spinach dip anywhere, and certainly never dipped a French fry in such a thing.

I keep most of that stuff out of my wallet. One credit card in there, a gas card, and various store cards. But some of the other stuff is in other places in my purse, so I just have to be careful not to lose the whole shebang.

Lady DR said...

The best fries are at a local eatery, Pete's. They're thick, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Still, I don't eat fries often.

Pass on the spinach dip.

I'd have trouble deleting all the items from my wallet. I do carry the checkbook, as I'm never sure when I'll be using it. Ditto the DL. I also carry my Medicare card and SS card. Not sure why the SS, but Medicare in the event of an accident or because I'd probably forget it when going to a doctor's app't. Guess I'd better be careful not to lose the wallet, huh?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I like McDonald's fries but I do like the thick fries that are made with real potatoes. I also do not eat them that often but enough to know I like the thick better!

I actually like spinach dip and think it is better than ketchup on the fries. Applebees is my favorite place for Artichoke dip. It is one the two entres one appetizer for twenty bucks menu.

I'd be in deep doodo if I lost my wallet, I keep everything in it. I need to change.


William J. said...


The best fries are almost always at local places! You just described the fries at the Helvatia Tavern.

I challenge you to try the artichoke dip the next time you go to Applebee's!

I never carry my check book, if I go to the doctor I write the check before I leave the house. If I buy something unexpected I usually have enough cash to cover it or use my credit card. I carry my insurance card but my SS card stays home.

You and me both need to be careful not to lose our wallets!