Monday, July 2, 2012


Kicking back today. Since I read an article that men that clean are happier I think I'll start with cleaning my house if I am not happy when I am done with my house I may just starting walking through the neighborhood and knock on doors seeing if someone else needs their house cleaned.

Pat I apologize if you can't see this video.

If I am happy I may want to travel and if I travel I probably don't want to get sick.

If I get sick in one of the places and the treatment goes awry I made need a lawyer:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Too bad you don't live in my neighborhood. A roving housecleaner's is one knock on the door that I'd answer.

Something about those AOL videos. It's probably my older version of Flash. Must upgrade again, I suppose. Sigh. I wish Flash would let well enough alone.

The article kind of puts travel in a new light. They don't mention that lots of countries have national healthcare and will treat you for free. Unlike our country. I wonder what people do if they get sick here and can't afford proper care.

Not sure how I'd feel about a "lawyerbot" doing initial research on a case of mine. It might be grounds for appeal if I lost.

Lady DR said...

Good job on the cleaning and interesting video/research. Maybe I'll ask Himself if he's happier, after shampooing the carpets Saturday. He seems happier after cleaning his shop, but I haven't seen that extended to the house proper in most cases. Pity you're so far away. Like Pat, I'd let you in the door in a skinny minute.

I can tell you health care in many of Africa's third world countries is not something you want to avail yourself of (let's not look at that sentence construction). Himself was over there. He was cared for in the Exxon camp, which had its own physicians, but he saw the healthcare elsewhere. Still, Pat brings up an interesting point about other countries and healthcare. I know the Canadians who wintered in FL had to buy special health care insurance, to be sure they were covered if they needed care down here.

Actually, I like the idea of the robot researchers going through data. I suspect the odds of error on data findings and manipulation are a lot less than when done by humans. The difference in cost is pretty impressive, as well. Be interesting to see where this goes.

You always find such neat articles!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

If I licws in your neighborhood I would willingly clean your house!

I always try to find a different source than the AOL videos but if I am in a hurry or can't find one I stick with AOL.

Interesting questions about people traveling to our country and their health care.

I can go either way on the robot but again you bring up an interesting point about grounds for appeal.


William J. said...


I'll bet Himself is in 7TH Heaven after shampooing the carpet! My dad was always happy just being in his tool shed (shop) cleaning it or not! And like with Pat if I was in your area I'd clean your house willingly!

I remember the trouble you had when Himself had maleria and was in Africa. Interesting that the Canadians had to buy special health care if they were visiting Florida.

I'm waiting for the day that robots can go to court to represent us! Or a Supreme Court made up of robots!