Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photos, Money, Blood

I'm up and ready to go this morning five o'clock shadow and all:


I plan on doing a little work today and I hope I get paid well for it. One day of work can generate a few bucks:


If things go awry today with some of my clients and blood is spilled I now know how to hide the evidence.


Off to Mom's for a couple of nights and three days.

Comment Away


Pat said...

Amazing what they can do with tiny particles. The shadow of an atom, imagine! It's also hard to see why, but I suppose they know and will tell us all in good time.

BTW, I couldn't get there with the link. It gave me some weird message about "hhttp" not associated with any program. But the link doesn't have "hhttp". Oh, well. I got to the article by copying the link and pasting it into my browser.

Corporate shenanigans like paying a guy $44 million for one day when he probably wasn't even doing any work is why we are all beginning to hate corporations. Now that they are "people", they seem to be as crazy as people.

I'll keep in mind the bloodstain removal thing. You never know...

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Sorry you had a hard time getting to the link. I try really hard so that you won't have to take that much time. It is amazing what they can do with tiny particles. I also wonder why they take the time other than to gain knowledge.

It is just sick that corporations were deetermined to be people it allowes the to get away with so much. I hate a system that allows a guy to make 44 million in one day why several people are out of work and quite a few are so poor that can't afford to eat.

It can't hurt to know how to get rid of bloodstains.


Lady DR said...

I never did get to the first link. However, the second one really ticked me off, probably because I'm a Duke Energy customer and I *know* who's going to pay the guys one day salary. There was little to nothing about all this in the local news, from the time of the merger beginning to now. Not even notices in our monthly bills. It absolutely infuriates me, as I'm one of those who sends money during the winter months to help pay the bills of those who can't afford their electrical. Grrrrrr!

The peroxide thing was interesting. I knew some of it, but hadn't thought about using it as a disinfectant for cutting boards and the like. Good to know, as we can't use clorox with the septic tank. Thanks!

William J. said...


I am sorry about the trouble with the first article. I really do try to make them readable.

Ooops on the second article. It is really sad that it was never in the local news. It really makes you think about sending money to help the poor when one man could give up one days salary and pay for everyone's utility bills for six months.

I also never thought of using it as a disinfectant for a cutting board. I try to learn something new everyday!

You are welcome!