Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Thursday

Today is good Thursday.

The good Nanny:

The good blind dude:

The good Mayor

Comment Away.


Pat said...

There was a similar nanny story a while back where the nanny saved the child but was badly injured herself. I'm glad this nanny got off a little more easily.

The robbers were beating on this poor guy "with a VCR" among other things, so he retaliated by hitting them with cooking pots? Sounds like a slapstick movie. I'm sorry he lost his wallet, but he may have been lucky to have escaped with his life.

Stubbs is probably as good or better than many mayors. I wonder how many elections they've held over his 15 year tenure.

Lady DR said...

Great "feel good" stories, Bill. Good for the nanny. Good for the legally blind guy for thinking quickly. I'm glad he's okay.

Yeah, a cat as mayor of Talkeetna somehow doesn't surprise me (wry s). He probably does as well or better than most.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I remember the other Nanny story and like you I am glad this on didn't get hurt.

Just as I am glad the blind dude didn't get hurt anymore than he did. I do like his spirit.

The cat is no doubt better than most mayors and probably a calming presences at commissioner meetings!


William J. said...


It was time for me to do feel good stories. I get in the mood for them sometimes. Get tired of the troubling stories.

I'm glad both the Nanny and the blind guy came out of their battles basically unscathed.

The cat did kind of surprise me at first but then when I thought about, it just seem to fit!