Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kaye Update Part II

Please tell the Blog Group thanks for their good wishes. He had is MRI today, so we'll be waiting to hear from his oncologist on what that shows her and what we do next.

One of the ladies asked where "Tarzan" came from . Well, it dates back when we first starting the "getting to know you" emails. He made a comment and I commented back something about Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. He emailed back "Oh NO!! I'm a Martian, TOOOO!?"

So I emailed back, ... "No, let's just say I'm Jane, you Tarzan.". It stuck :)

This past week has been another difficult week. We were called the evening of the 1st that Tarzan's mother wasn't doing well. We were planning on spending some of last week in Corpus visiting his mother as her wedding anniversary was July 4th. We arrived in Corpus around 10am on 7/2 and went straight to his Mom's apartment (she lives in an independent living facility). She was aware enough to say hi to us both, and later than afternoon I could hear her say "I love you, David" when he went in to be by her bedside. She slowly went downhill from there. She passed away around 1:20 am on 7/4/12. We all knew she was waiting for her anniversary day. Tarzan's dad passed away in 1988, so he has been gone from some time now.

I know this was difficult on both Tarzan and his sister... and it was hard to watch them go through what my siblings and I went through about 2.5 years ago. But like Tarzan's sister told callers; it's good for her... sad for us. The memorial service was this past Saturday at the church she attended for over 50 years. We got home yesterday afternoon and we are both exhausted. While in Corpus, we stayed with his sister & brother in law. Nice folks, but I don't think they have a comfortable piece of furniture anywhere in their home, with the exception of their own bed. We spent 8 nights on a futon. Not a good thing for anyone over the age of 12! I guess because of the holiday, all hotels/motels were booked (unless we wanted to spend $200 or up for a room.) Yesterday, I contacted my boss and asked for today off, which he granted. Tarzan and I both slept 12 hours before waking up this morning.

We've had a lazy day with the exception of the MRI appointment and doing laundry. I guess tomorrow I'll be "normal" again.

Thanks again for letting me share. Glad to read your birthday was.... eventful!



Lady DR said...

Okay, extra prayers while you wait for the MRI report.
Thanks for the explanation about Tarzan (g).
I'm so sorry to hear about his mom, but glad you were there and he could be with her. Please share a hug with Tarzan. Having lost my first husband, I remember how hard it was to watch my two sisters go through the loss of their husbands. You want to help, to "fix" and there's nothing you can do, but be there for them.

Glad you got a lazy day to catch up on sleep and get some rest. Take care of yourselves, please, and know I'm thinking of you.

William J. said...


You also have my thoughts and prayers.