Monday, July 9, 2012

Heartburn Whiskey.

Before today's post wanted to say good-bye Ernest Borgnine. First Andy Griffith. Now Ernest Borgnine. Two gentelmen. Two talented actors. The world was a better place with them in it.

Looking forward to a fairly busy day. Lunch with friend Naomi, then off to the IRS to pickup some forms.

Once in a while I get heartburn after lunch and it kind of scares me. Now thanks to the following article I won't be scared anymore:

I might need a map so that I know where I am going and don't have to ask for directions:

Although I am a non-drinker I might be enticed to have a sip once in a great while.

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Pat and any Los Angeles following my niece, Lisa Pineiro, will be hosting Good Day LA on Channel 11 from 7 AM to 10 AM tomorrow through Friday the 13TH.


Lady DR said...

Good news about Lisa! Is this something like an audition? I'll be holding good thoughts throughout the week and look forward to reports.

Yes, losing Ernest Borgnine was another blow to the icons of an era when good acting and positive role models were the norm.

Good tips in the article on heartburn and heart attack. I've never experienced serious heartburn, but have ended up in the ER twice, before I had my gall bladder removed, as gall bladder attacks too closely resemble heart attacks. They often are caused by the same things that bring on GERD.

Wow, what a find for the guy exploring his attic! What I find interesting is that he's not interested in immediately selling them for a profit, but waiting untl they're 100 years old and sharing them with friends. How many people would do that?

William J. said...


It is an on air audtion for one of three openings. I appreciate the good thoughts and prayers. She wants this gig and it would certainly help my sis and her husband if she got one.

I didn't know gall bladder attacks were similiar to heart attacks. And I didn't know the same things that causes GERD caused them. Thanks for the information!

I like the guy waiting until the bottles are 100 years old! I also like him sharing with friends.


Pat said...

I'll join you -- goodbye, Ernie and Andy. You brightened all our lives, or when it wasn't exactly "brightening", made them more interesting.

The problem I have with the first article is that GERD is an actual disease, where anyone can get occasional heartburn without having the disease. Otherwise, I'd say their advice is good.

Interesting map. I wish they could have shown it folded. And those whiskey bottles -- what a find! Too cool for the guy to wait until they are 100 and then have a party with them. He may change his mind if he has them appraised, though. I hope he sticks with the original plan. It'll be a great story for his grandchildren.

I am definitely planning to watch your niece on TV here. Probably not starting at 7, though. Maybe 8. {g}

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am with you about the first article. Everyone gets heartburn once in a while. But it is still good advice for ones like me that have Gerd.

I would have liked to see the map folded also.

Money may change the bottle guy's mind. What if they are worth millions? Think of what he could do with that!

I wouldn't even get up at 7 to watch Lisa!