Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Friday

Today we are celebrating only the good.

Let's start with the good folks that visit or post here or have visited or posted here:

Pay attention to the comments. Makes we wonder where some of those folks are now. If you are new to the blog or if your who you are has changed feel free to post here and give tell us about yourselves or your changes.

Sometimes out of tragedies comes good stories. That is the case with the next two stories.

First up is a nine year old girl left a legacy that is hard to top:

I've never really like Christian Bale, AKA Batman in the Dark Knight triology. I thought his acting skills were overrated. I certainly lost at lot of respect for him when he forgot his wife's name in an Oscar acceptance award speech a couple of years ago. But now he has won me over:

I understand from news reports it wasn't a quick visit. He visited at least nine of those injured in the theater shooting, signed autographs, allowed his picture to be taken with the patients, and he and his wife visited the memorial that has arisen outside the theater.

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Pat said...

Amazing number of posts in that 2008 thread! Most of the people seem to surface every once in a while, along with us "regulars"

Lovely story about the girl's legacy of clean water for Ethiopia. What a great charity she started.

I like Christian Bale all right, though I couldn't tell you offhand what I've seen him in other than a BATMAN movie. I thought the last one I saw was just generally awful, so that series is kind of off my list. I may see it on cable someday. Whatever, it was nice of him to visit Aurora.

Lady DR said...

What fun to go back through the 2008 thread, when we all kind of "outed" ourselves (g).

I think you posted about the clean water charity, when the little girl first died in the accident. How wonderful to learn how successful her efforts have been.

Wouldn't Bale from my left ankle, but it was good of him to visit the hospital and the victims of the Aurora incident, particularly since the article said it wasn't something set up by his studio, but something he did on his own.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Reading that post made me think the blog was more fun back then! Maybe I need to change some things in the near future. Most of the people posting back then have checked in either in e-mail or on the blog.

Like DR said I posted the original article a while back so it was nice to see the result of her idea.

Christian Bale won the academy award for The Fighter. Recently he was in Public Enemies. A while back in a decent WWII flick called Swing Kids and the 310 To Yuma remake.


William J. said...


It really was fun to go back and read the comments. I had forgotten some things. It was a nice reveiw.

I did post the original article about the young girl and it was nice to that the fruits of her labors paid off.

That is what I like about Bale's visit. It wasn't planned. Wasn't paid for by the studio. He did it all himself.