Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update Sunday

Kaye checked in with another update and it is posted on the blog as a separate entry called "Kaye Update - Part II" As to me looking forward it looks like not to bad of week. Today is at Mom's. Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment and maybe a movie. Tuesday is breakfast with my friend Dave and a trip to the IRS to pickup some forms so I can finish my individual and corporate returns. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is a me day. Saturday day is at Mom's.

Last week. Sunday at Mom's. Monday was cleaning up around the house and doing some errands. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Mom's. Friday and Saturday were veggie days. I did some errands but mostly just rested and vegged out.

Before I begging you to do updates I thought I would share with you an article sent to my DR:

I really like the idea and don't see why it couldn't expand to other states. Maybe I will look into it and see what is entailed in starting something similar here.

The blog is now yours. This is where you tell me what has gone on in your life, what is going to go on in your life, and post anything you damn well please!

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Love the Seniors Intervention Group. What a wonderful service!

You surely have a busy life, Bill. With three or four days a week at your mom's, it must be hard to do much of anything for you.

Kaye, waiting for MRI or other test results is really grueling. I hope you get a good report and a good plan for what comes next.

Lady DR said...

Okay, Bill, which doctor, for what, please?
It seems you routinely spend four days at your mom's. Is the caregiver out of the picture or only coming nights or some such? Just curious. As Pat says, doesn't seem to leave a lot of time for Bill.

Thanks for sharing the article about the Intervention Group. I think it's wonderful and the fact that the first responders are involved means they likely spot things others might not. Yes, I think it would be a wonderful program in almost any town or city.

Been a so-so week. Did the pool four days. Saw the chiropractor and massage therapist. Given the hip has flared and I didn't even attempt line dance Wednesday, I have an app't with another orhtopedist on the 8th (after being informed Dr. V doesn't do hips). His MA, after we discussed the fact my back MRIs came back all clear, still insists it's a back, not hip problem. Go figure. Editorial work every day, some time on the cancer book three days and yesterday. Garage sales yesterday. We're finally getting rain the last three evenings, thank goodness. I just wish the Midwest would also get some.

Next week is the pool, editing, cancer book, laundry, see the dermatologist, drive up to Bevard NC to "meet" one of my clients, who's camp hosting in the Pisgah Nat'l Forest.

Thanks for including the post from Kaye. I'll answer it separately.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think The Seniors Intervention Group is a great group and a needed one.

It sounds like more time at Mom's then it really is. Just one night at Mom's this week Wednesday. Then Days Thursday and Saturday. I'll fix the meals those days. And of course the night that I am there. Basically I get to Mom's 11:30 Wednesday and come home 7:30 Thursday night.


William J. said...


GP just a checkup.

The caregiver never has done days just nights. She is there four nights a week. Sis and I alternate between two nights and one night a week. This is the week does two nights and I do one. But someone has to be there to fix mom lunch and dinner. So sis does most of the days and I try to cover Saturday and Sunday days so sis can spend time with her husband who is off work those days.

I love the Intervention group article.

I am sorry to hear about you hip flaring up, especially to the stage where you couldn't line dance. I am praying that the ortho will find the problem and adopt a plan for you! I am glad you got some pool time. Good news that the MRIs came back clear on your back.
Good news that you are working on the cancer book. And great news that you are getting rain!

Sounds like a busy week ahead!

Good luck at the dermo and good luck on the meeting with the client!