Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Check-In

Happy Sunday. A check-in then we are all about the Olympics.

Today fixing lunch at Mom's, tonight taking her out to dinner, and spending the night as the caregiver is off to the Oregon Coast. Tomorrow making a bunch of calls scheduling some medical issues such as a colonsocpy and getting a new foot doctor. Also sending a letter in regards to Mom's lawsuit which could be off the books as soon as Tuesday. Tuesday coffee with a friend and then a movie. It is five buck Tuesday which makes it a great day to hide out at the theaters. Wednesday night and Thursday until eight at Mom's. Friday and Saturday are me days which will include lawn mowing and car washing.

Last year again was a blur. I mean last week but it seemed like a year. Sunday was at Mom's. Monday was watering lawns, cleaning house, and fighting my to do list. Tuesday from lunch through Thursday at 7:30 was at Mom's. That included taking Mom to lunch one day and all of us going out for dinner for my sister's birthday Thursday night. By the while at Mom's my mom said to me, "I would never have dreamed you would be as good of cook as you are." Thanks, Mary, that sausage soufflet is still making an impact with the troops. Friday was going down to the IRS and picking up some forms. I went down their last week but unknown to me the IRS moved. The federal building is undergoing major repairs and is closed until 2014. Meanwhile the IRS moved to One Main Plaza I have to tell you I was surprised how lax the security was. There was absolutely no checkpoint to get into the garage. There was no security check-in until I got to the 13TH floor where the IRS resides. Saturday was lunch at Mom's, fixing dinner for the troops, and play couch potato.

On to the Olympics. What to do with empty seats. I think the Brits have the right idea:

Have your ever crashed a party?

Is this a movie in the making:

Give my your update and then comment away.


Mary said...

You know, when I go to the IRS office in Everett, there's no security there either. When I took the EA exam in downtown Seattle, it was in the federal building, and there was as much security there as you see in the airport. I would think they'd want to protect themselves from the frustrated crazy people.

So glad the casserole is still popular!

Pat said...

The empty seat thing is just a mess. There must be a way to just let people buy seats at a reasonable price and then go and sit in them when the time comes.

Crash a party? Much less the Olympic march? I have to be dragged to parties I'm invited to these days. No way would I crash one. Well, maybe if George Clooney was giving it.

Of course humans would be also-rans in physical competitions with other (selected) animals. At least some of us are versatile, that's something. We are supposedly smarter than all of those animals--that's something, too. I really must try that casserole. I'm glad you've had such success with it.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

When the IRS was in the Federal building security was really tight. You weren't allowed to park in their parking lot unless you worked there. You couldn't get in the front door before you passed security. The lack of security in the parking lot now bothers me a ton.

I am going to keep cooking new recipes! But yours is going to be hard to beat!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I do like giving the seats to the military, they wouldn't be able to attend otherwise. But I am with you sell them at reasonable prices or give them to a charitable foundation like Big Brothers or Big Sisters.

I had to laugh at your comment about being dragged to parties because I am the same way. I'd crash one for Sandra Bullock.

I actually think we would beat the animals in some thinking games and some strength games.

The casserole is easy, tasty, and fun to make!


Lady DR said...

What a shame about the empty seats, especially given the comments by folks who would have loved to fill them, but couldn't afford the price. Is there a message here? If corporate sponsors bought seats and couldn't attend, those tickets should have gone to women's shelters, children's home and the like.

Scattered week. Did finish an editorial project and have hopes of spending a couple days on my own book, before the next arrives. I've reached the point where I want clients done and time to do my own thing. Did the pool. A short hour at line dance, with a few dances. Will be glad to see new ortho and hopefully find some answers. Your schedule sounds busy as ever, with your mom. I keep busy, but nothing exciting. Edit, pool therapy, domestics, bits and pieces of time on my own book, playing medical secretary for Himself, to get app'ts and track down 20 year old medical records.

William J. said...


We are on the same page with the tickets. Give them to charity.

Please spend some time on your own book the book is so needed!

Glad you got some pool and line dancing in.

Himself is so lucky to have you!

And you sound busier than I am.