Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kicking Back

Another day when nothing is planned. Heaven. I may have a hot dog for lunch:


And I will probably look at some pictures:


I am sure some TV watching is in the plans:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

If I may, I'd like to start by saying "goodbye" and "RIP" to Andy Griffith, who passed away today. An icon of early TV, he was one of my heroes. He taught by example, as sheriff of Mayberry, and never seemed to preach, just make sense and use common sense. So many of our icons are gone. I thoroughly enjoyed the video he did with Brad Paisley for "Waiting on a Woman."

I love hot dogs, when I'm in the mood, although I know they're one of the least healthiest foods you can eat. Still, they're sooo good.

Fascinating pictures of the various cities, Bill.

Didn't get the thing about the "smart" TV, as the video popped up to cover the information. However, since I don't "do" TV, this wasn't a big loss for me (wry s).

Best wishes that everyone has a happy Fourth, regardless of how you decide to celebrate (or not).

William J. said...


We lost a legend in Andy Griffith. I am really going to miss him. He and his shows rather it me a Mayberry Sherrif or an Atlanta attorney were always pure. When young we would sometimes play Mayberry. I was always Opie brother was the sheriff. We need more of people like him and shows like his. Rest in peace Mr. Griffith.

Everything that is good is unhealthy so I am just going with enjoying life and not worrying about it. We are having hot dogs for the 4TH.

The city pictures were beautiful!

I do watch TV and I am fine with the gadges we have now!