Monday, July 30, 2012

From Bad To Good

I don't usually talk about politics on the blog but the following article is just to upsetting to ignore:

It is this kind of hate that is what is wrong with American politics. Until the regular members of either party start standing up to the lunatic fringe in the party that would produce something like this billboard the country is going to be in bad shape.

From the bad to the good:

My kind of teen idol.

Let's good with more good:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

The subject of the first article is just deplorable, and the second one wouldn't load all the way for me.

Quite a success story in the third one. Did they ever say what SPRQ stood for? Did I just miss it?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I fixed the link to the second article. So it should work now.

I am hoping the ones that did the billboard were the right wing fringe of the Republican Party and not the mainstream. Somebody should have stepped up to the plate and stopped it.

I did a Google search of SPRQ and this is what I got "SPRQ (pronounced SPARK) is derived from the roman guard insignia "S*P*Q* R" standing for strength, integrity & Endurance!"


Lady DR said...

Try this again. Google kicked me out and I've gotten so accustomed to things working properly, I didn't make a copy of the message.

The first article/billboard is appalling. No matter how they try to justify what they were "trying" to say, it doesn't fly. I looked at a few of the features below the article and they were equally bad. Unless/until we can get rid of the hatred, intolerance, bashing and such, this country is not going to be able to come together and resolve our issues. Why is that so difficult to understand.

The second two articles were a lovely way to get the bad taste out of my mouth. Yea for Paul! I like the teenage idol thing they're doing. Not only does he seem like a truly nice/good young man, he has a tremendous sense of creativity and I wish him the best.

Yea! for Kelli. What an example she provides. I can imagine it was hard, but she recognized when she needed help, especially for her kids, while being determined to get off the welfare rolls and finding a way to do so. I found her comment about the number of people living the welfare lifestyle interesting. One thing to hear it from those who are only observers, another to hear it from someone who's been there/done that/moved on. She accepted help when she needed it and, after making her own way, she turns around and provides help through her fund raisers. I really admire her.

William J. said...


The thing about the first article is it just symoblizes what is wrong with politics today. People don't have to agree but they don't have to be hateful. Both parties now allow this kind of garbage at a time when they need to do everthing to prevent this kind of hate.

I loved the teen and I liked the web site that celebrated the good teens. I will visit there again.

Kelli is amazing. We need more people like here. If Welfare led to the kind of success then it would be doing its job and be well worth it!