Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unexplaind Hot Dogs and Churches.

Today I am off to have coffee with a Facebook friend that moved here recently from Minnesota. We had coffee once before and she seems really nice. Don't get you hopes up because she is married and we are just expanding our social circles.

Today are head shakers.

Want to sell hot dogs?


Where have all the independent thinkers gone? Someone should have made an exception for good old Nathan.

Speaking of head shakers, we are going to out of space for the next one.


It is kind of an interesting article but I am not going lose sleep over it!

The next head shaker is about a church that needs to move into the twentieth century


Can you believe a church would behave like that in this day and age?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Well, that's a switch on the usual story of shutting down a kid's food or drink stand. I'd have assumed something different, since keeping wieners safe is a little harder than keeping lemons safe. Whatever, I wish him luck.

Not sure I get their pictures of space objects. Clearly the foreground image of 1991 VG is man-made, so are we looking at the planetlike thing behind it? Some of the clearly unrelated photos are pretty, though, I guess that's something.

Yes, that church should move into this century. Or just go away completely. It's too bad the couple didn't just change churches and take any other congregants who had a different opinion with them. Can I believe in a church behaving this way? You bet I can.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I wish the kid luck also. I wonder if lemons are more apt to carry a virus like e-coli? Of course hot dogs unrefrigerated could do the same thing.

I had trouble understanding the space objects also but like you I liked to other photos so kept the article.

I dislike immensely that the church made that decision without asking their congregation. Apparently a lot of the congregation didn't approve the decision.


Lady DR said...

The story about Nathan is one more instance of money/greed overcoming creativity and an effort for good. It would be one thing, if it was a health issue, but it's clearly not, he had the proper equipment, he'd done all the homework on permits and such. What blows my mind is that the kid set up his stand on *private property,* with the permission and encouragement of the property owner, and City Hall was able to shut it down. I gotta say, if the restaurants felt threatened by the presence of a thirteen-year old's hot dog stand, they must have some other issues.

Space objects left me mostly confused, but that's not unusual.

The church issue... sigh. It might be one thing, if the couple hadn't been attending the church and just selected it for the wedding, but it sounds like they've been attending, appears there are other black members or congregants. And why would they only find out at the last minute? And, as they asked, if all these people are now so upset by it, where the heck were they, when objections were raised? God doesn't love people, based on the color of their skin, why should we? God does, however, (IMHO) take a look at people's actions and reactions. Somehow, I can't believe He's very pleased with some of those folks at the moment. I guess I also have to question why the pastor would allow a minority of the congregation to drive *his* actions, rather than standing up for the couple and doing what I would consider the "right" thing, marrying them in the church.

William J. said...


Last story first. I wouldn't like the pastor. Most churches have a council to make those kind of decesions. He caved to a few complainers rather than to do the right thing. How in the world would he not know the right thing to do. My guess is some people left the church over this.

I was also confused a little by the out of space article.

How the City can regulate anything on private property is beyond me. Unless there is law breaking going on. Then they have the right (like drug house as an example). This was harmless, if the restaurants were afraid of this kid I would find out their names and quit going to them.