Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Voting Scams, Scams, & A few miles.

I hope my niece did well in her on air audition yesterday and continues to do well the rest of the week. It would be great if she could get hired.

Last night's at Mom's and there today. Keeping it light. No escape from the world moments last night.

First off is an article I find very disturbing, especially in an election year.

Now let's move on to scams to watch out for:

I have a pedometer that I use to track my steps. I walk a lot. I also drive a lot but my Taurus has some m ile left in it:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Lisa did well again today, from what I saw, having gotten up too late to see as much as I'd have liked. How does this work? Will there be other competitors taking a week, also? Fingers crossed for her!

I agree with you that these voter ID laws are disturbing. Yes, it's extra security, but they sound pretty badly handled, and I'm sure more people are excluded than are found to be frauds. I was surprised to see that "more than two dozen states have some form of ID requirement". That's a lot. I thought it was fairly rare.

The utility payment scam is really disgusting. Another one that probably only the elderly and perhaps the poor might fall for.

A Volvo has driven almost 3 million miles??? I wonder if there are any original parts left on the car except maybe for the body.

Lady DR said...

I continue to hold good thoughts for Lisa and was glad to see Pat's report. I'm also curious as to how this audition thing works.

On one hand, I find the ID requirements a bit troublesome. On the other hand, getting photo ID isn't too onerous in most places and is often needed for other purposes, like boarding an airplane. Mom doesn't have a driver's license, but she does have a photo ID, mostly so she could fly. In SC, you get both from the DMV, with the same requirements of birth certificates, utility bills (to show you're a resident).

The utility scam is another case of criminals needing to get a life with positive impact. Yes, I suspect the bulk of those taken in are elderly or the poor, who are trying to figure out how to pay utilities, rent and groceries out of one paycheck or no paycheck.

3 million miles? Wow! I'd always heard the Volvo was one of the most reliable and dependable of cars, but that's pretty surprising.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The audtions can be anywhere from a day to two weeks depending on what the agent negoiates. With Lisa it is four days on Good Day LA and other spots throughout the day. Tomorrow she will be cohosting Good Day LA with just Edwards, just the two of them.

By the way other stations have noticed and she will be on KTLA tonight. NBC has also contacted her and she is in Burbank this afternoon for an interview. They have asked her to tell her agent not to sign anything until they had a chance to talk to her. So the S16 and Dahn blog vibes are working.

I like the extra security what I don't like is it hits the poor mostly and discourages voter turnout. It also hits the people that have voted for years like the ones in the article. I am with you I thought voter ID was rare but that is almost half the states that have voter ID laws.

The elderly and the gulliable are the ones that will fall for the scam, the ones that can least afford it.

I am not even sure the Volvo would even have its original body.


William J. said...


The good thoughts are working, see note to Pat.

In Oregon you can get neither a drivers licens or an id without a birth certificate. So many people don't have their birth certificates, like the immigrants for example. I do think you should have some sort of ID but I'm reluctant to require it for everyone.

The scams always hit the wrong people. The criminals that scam the elderly or the poor should spend the rest of their lives in jail. Are least have to sit their with lighted firecrackers under all their fingers and toes.

Volvo has always been dependable, my brothers was still working with 200K miles on it but 3 million? That is astounding.