Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm not that hot on flying although I am slowly getting to the place where I want to try it again as it will open up some doors. I'm not all that fond of heights but I am thinking what I can do to conquer that fear. Snakes scare the beejeebies out of me but I'm not even going to try to get over that fear. Are you afraid of anything on the following list?

There are a couple I might admit too if I were held to the fire.

Are you afraid of going to a mall and running into a bear?

Are you afraid of panhandlers? What about panhandling? Boy I don't know sure would be a lot easier than doing tax returns and almost as much money.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Can't say I fear anything on the list, but I'm not a fan of slime. And am I crazy, but shouldn't DEXTROphobia be fear of the RIGHT side of the body. SINISTROphobia would be fear of the left. You know, the kind of fear all those far right whackos suffer from.

Nor do I fear bears in the mall, though our neighboring small city has had a bear that liked to visit back yard swimming pools.

I don't fear panhandlers, but I sure don't like them. I know some are legit, but I also know some are like the guy in the story, so I don't give to any of them. I hope the IRS took notice of this guy.

Lady DR said...

Like you, I'm not big on flying and I do have a phobia of heights and will avoid snakes (and spiders), but I can't say anything on the list qualifies for me.

Running into a bear at the mall? No, doesn't raise any alarms for me. Maybe because it hasn't happened here yet, maybe because one kinda gets used to dealing with bears, if you live in AK.

Geez, I had no idea you could make that much panhandling. And no 1099s or taxes to file? Hmmmm...

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I thought dextrophobia should be the fear of both hands as in amidextrous. But I love your take on it! I also fear right wing wackos as well as left wing wackos.

I haven't seen a bear in the mall here for a while but I have seen deer and coyotes.

If the panhandler is filing tax returns they really can't do anything to him. I hope he is. If not he is going to jail for tax fraud my guess is in the near future. Did you know that one of the duties of IRS agents is to read articles like this and follow-up on them.


William J. said...


I find it interesting that we have the same fears.

I don't if I would ever get used to the bears. We saw a lot of them growing up because Yellowstone was our summer vacation site.

The thing about the panhandlers is that 1099's aren't required. Most of the money he received would have been in chunks less than one thousand smackers and that is the requirment line.