Thursday, July 12, 2012

Would You Want To Know?

Last day at Mom's today. Just doing miscellaneous article today. Just a note before the articles the rumor mill is saying that the powers that be are happy with my niece. Cross your fingers!

Every wonder what Hindu temples looked like? I have,

Gosh the temples are beautiful. Everyone likes a good reunion story:

I am glad the little buddy was reunited with her owners. Now let's turn serious for a moment. Would you like to know?

I'm not sure if I would want to know. On one hand it would be nice to know to I could plan, on the other hand I like not knowing how long I have on earth because it makes me work harder.

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Pat said...

I actually got up earlier today, so saw more of the news broadcast, and yes, Lisa is doing very well and the vibe you get watching is that they like her. Good news that other stations are taking note, also. She may have some big decisions to make, but that's way better than having none. {g}

Some amazing (and amazingly ornate) temples there! And how nice that Sasha is back with her family. She sort of lucked out all along, with the shelter being a good one, and an adoptive family who was experienced with visually-impaired cats.

I think I would want the test, to know how to plan for either a normal or a shortened life. But not everyone would want it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Wow you got up early to watch more of the broadcast! I owe you big time. She is going to be on the Fox five o'clock news tonight. I just hope she gets any job because it would help my sister!

The temples were beautiful And Sasha belongs with the rightful ownwer.

It is easy for me to say what I would do have the test or not but if I was actually put in that position it would be a terrible decision to make.


dona said...

Good luck to your niece Bill, she is beautiful and I am betting she will do great, and have the offers coming in.

It is a hard decision to make, both have their pros, but I think I agree with you Bill, the not knowing makes it more enticing to keep working hard at it all.

Nice story about Sasha, what are the odds? Be nice if every animal that was lost this way made their way back home..

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Rumor mill has it you were in the ER today, what happened?

Thanks for the good wishes re my niece.

If I knew I might give up but then again it might motivate me to prove them wrong!

Sasha deserves some love and home cooking! I also wish every animal made its way home especially the stray cat I'm feeding now.


Lady DR said...

Here's hoping the rumor mills are right. Given others are taking an interest, Lisa may be in a bidding war and would THAT be nice!

Beautiful temple pictures. When one considers the times in which they were built and the lack of "modern" technology and architectural methods, they become even more impressive.

As to the tests... I think I'd want to know, if I was sure the prognosis given was relatively accurate. If I had little time, I'd want to spend it getting everything in order, visiting friends and family, doing all those little and big fun things we tend to put off. If I was good to go for a long time, it would still be an incentive to go and do and enjoy. Sad to say, sometimes we need some sort of nudge to do do that. Either way, I think knowing what might be ahead would make me take a serious look at my priorities.

William J. said...


I think the rumor mills are right and it is really interesting to get Pat's take on it. Of course my sister is going to think Lisa is doing good so it is good to hear from someone independent.

I never thought of the time the Temples were built but of course you are right that makes them even more impressive.

I go back and forth between wanting to know and not wanting to know. There are so many benefits to either choice. I do love your explanation of the reassons you would want to know.