Thursday, July 5, 2012

Car Talk

I am at Mom's today until about seven thirty tonight. Tomorrow is another me day, third one this week. I am considering going out to eat tomorrow:

I may spend some looking for a car tomorrow. Very early stages of ;looking. I am not sure what gadgets I want the care to come with:

I might also buy a lottery ticket or two:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

We don't have most of those restaurants close by, so I won't be doing my own taste test, but I suspect MacDonalds' fries are still really the best.

Good luck with your car shopping. Mine has bells & whistles I don't use, like the GPS. I'm sure it's grand for people who travel by car a lot or who often drive in unfamiliar places. For me, well, it was fun to check out and after that it just sits there.

Have a nice time at Mom's today, but most of all, enjoy your me day. They don't come around all that often.

Pat said...

PS: I hadn't found the rest of the car article when I wrote that comment. I had not even heard of many of their annoying "extras", let alone would I want them, but the most annoying is an in-dash Facebook/Twitter feed. I'm finding esp. Facebook, but really both of them, super-annoying lately, and thinking that other drivers on the road are "liking" things while driving just makes me ill.

Lady DR said...

Like Pat, we don't have several of the restaurants listed. However, we have a local restaurant that makes the best FF around - crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Now, if only Himself liked the rest of their offerings (wry s).

I'll pass on the auto extras. My brother has a system in his car that does two things. One, it does rip the CDs to a hard drive and he says it's simple and easy. Two, if he has his cell phone in the car, when it rings, he simply presses a button and it automatically goes to "speaker" (hands free) for him to answer and talk. That would be nice, if one did a lot of phone business on the road. I don't.

Btw, I found a feed to a local TV station doing the CSC concert last night (no idea how I did it) and it was great fun to watch. Hard to believe they put it together in four days and I was really impressed with the orchestra, who ended up playing accompaniment to everything from cowboy tunes to rockroll, blues to folk, doing it all from sight reading.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Answering both posts in one respone.

We have about half of the restaurants nearby but my two favorite fries are the sweet potato fries at Red Robin and the Spirit Mountain casino.

I am in the really early stages of car shopping. This will be the last car I will ever buy so i want it to be just right. I do want GPS and Sirruis radio!

I had two good days at Mom's and she had a lot of fun so that is good. The only drawback was the fireworks at fifteen to four in the morning on Thursday that were so loud they woke the entire city up. Inconsiderate idiots that set fireworks off near a retirement community just adds to my dislike of the holiday. Of cours neither mom and I could get back to sleep so we were tired all day. Still we had fun.

I am with you on the Facebook/twitter feed that seems to me to be more dangerous than texting.


William J. said...


I forgot about a restaurant chain that is only in Washington and Oregon, Burgerville has great fries! Local places always make the best fires.

My brother-in-law has the same features as your brother. I was thinking of another thing I'd want and that is the blind spot alert. I'm not sure about the cell phone thing, I'd just shut it off when driving.

How great you were able to see the CSC concert! What a great thing to witness!