Sunday, July 22, 2012


I heard from Kaye. They haven't received the results of Tarzen's last MRI. They have been playing phone tag. She is hoping the old adage "no news is good news" is true. Also in her e-mail she announced after thirty-eight years of working for the government she is officially retiring August 31, 2012.

Remember the dog story where a dog was found and the young girl that found the dog wouldn't give it back to its original owner? Here is an update.

An update on the Colorado Theater Shooting. A list of the victims, from six years old to fifty-one years old.

After the shooting my life seems so insignificant. But life does go on so here is my update and the week ahead. The week ahead first.

Today is lunch and dinner at Mom's. One of the women in an e-mail group that I am in gave me a sausage souffle recipe. I made that for Mom and the caregiver for dinner tonight. It will either kill them or fill them. Monday is a work day, I may even spend some time writing on my book. Tuesday morning is an errand day. Tuesday afternoon from two 0'clock to Thursday night at 7:30 is at Mom's. Wednesday is my Sister's birthday so I am sure there will be some celebrating. Friday and Saturday are me days.

Last week was kind of a flash. Monday was my doctor appointment checkup. Tuesday was breakfast with my old friend from elementary school Dave. After breakfast we went over to his house to look at a remodeling that he is undertaking. I am still learning a lot about him. Like I didn't know he still teaches. He is teaching one class at Marylhurst University. He teaches every other year. Here is a link to the college home page:

I also learned that on New Year's Day in 2010 his house burnt completely down. His lives in an older neighborhood and the electric box was faulty. It started the fire. His wife was home at the time but she couldn't put the fire out herself and fled the house. A neighbor had already called 911. They basically lost everything. Dave said they were pretty lucky because insurance paid for everything and with the top notch remodeling their are going to end up with a beautiful house.

Wednesday was at Mom's. We did one of her favorite outings when I took her to the Dollar Tree. Thursday was at Mom's. I took her to the foot doctor. While there they did the semi-annual surgery they have to do on my feet. Friday was a movie. Saturday was housecleaning and pickup.

The blog is now yours. Catch me up on your lives. Vent. Share good news. Mention those that need prayers and good vibes. Tell me what is on the agenda. Post anything you damn well please.


Pat said...

Congratulations to Kaye on retiring!

The lost dog story has sure gotten complicated! Without knowing the truth of any of these allegations, I have no opinion, but it sure rivals some child custody fights I've heard of.

I was looking at that sausage souffle recipe myself. You must let us know how it turned out.

That's some story about your friend Dave! I can't imagine recovering if my house burnt down with all in it. Even if insurance let me rebuild, there are so many things that can't be replaced.

Lady DR said...

Good news from Kaye. Pass on my congrats on her retirement.

The dog story is really out of control, with accusations and absence of facts. There really ought to be an easier way to resolve the issue, when there are a lot more important issues for the courts.

My heart continues to go out to the victims, families and friends of the Denver shooting, particularly as it seems so senseless. They guy apparently had something in mind, given what they found in his apartment.

More busy times for you, it sounds like. What a shame about David losing everything, but how great that his attitude is good and they've been able to rebuild.

Sort of a busy week here. Standard pool routine and editorial work, didn't really get anything done on my own book (but glad to hear you're thinking about doing some more writing!) Spook woke us at 3:30 Wednesday AM, pitching her cookies, then going to dry heaves. Himself got up with her and I got up about four. We checked her over and found some sort of bite or puncture marks on one leg. She quit throwing up, Al stayed with her and I went back and laid down. At 5:00, I pitched
Scamp outside, got directions to the emergency clinic, headed out. We have no idea what "got" her, but she had a major delayed allergic reaction, eyes totally dilated, running in circles to avoid itching/pain. Given our experience in FL, we feared a toxic reaction might follow. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. The vet gave her an antihistimine injection, nausea injections and sent us home with pain pills and antibiotics. By 8:00 am, Spook was pretty much okay. The humans... not so okay. She's fine now and both dogs are enjoying the peanut butter treats twice a day (how I hid Spook's pills).

Saturday was lovely. A client is camp hosting in the Pisgah Nat'l Forest in Brevard. We drove up, stopping at a quaint little place for sandwiches on the way, spent the afternoon. Took the dogs, as Judy insisted they come and join their three Bichons. Over to Hendersonvlle to meet one of HImself's clients from IN, pick up a radio for repair. Saw the dermo Thursday for my annual. He took two biopsies, but said he expected they weren't problems and would see me in a year. Results the end of next week. Great fun going through the box of Aunt D's shoes Ellen sent. Shoes that are my size and fit - what a concept!

Next week looks fairly quiet. I'm hoping to finish current editorial project and have a few days to work with my own book and potential publication, before the next project arrives.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Kaye said she wanted to spend as much time with Tarzan as she can and she is tired of work so it was time for her to go.

The dog story is out of control. If the guy did abuse the dog the dog should stay with the girl but each day it seems to take a new turn.

The sausage souffle turned out great. I didn't do everything the recipe said. Because of Mom's diabetes I used wheat bread and non-fat milk and chicken sausage. The caregiver is taking some home so she liked it. Mom wants it for breakfast. I can do even better with it but for the first attempt it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

The way the house burnt it was totaled but only the outside shell crashed so they were able to save a lot of the pictures and heirlooms.


William J. said...


Kaye said she would let me know about the MRI as soon as she heard but I think it is good news, if it was bad they would have delivered it by now.

I completely agree with you about the dog story. It is needlessly taking up very needed court time.

The shooter showed signs of being off his rocker but everyone ignored it because he had been stable so long. As usual there is probably someone along the way that could have helped by reporting the dude's behavior and comments. I do think he planned this forever.

Dave and his wife told me they would have never been able to have the furniture they now have or the house they now have without the insurance. So they have turned a good into a bad.

You talk about me being busy!!

I hope your hip is improving. Some times with both editorial work and writing the days you don't think you get anything done come back at some point and helps with the progress! Wow what a frightening experience with Spook. I am so sorry something bit Spook and am even sorrier that she had such an awful reaction. I wonder if it was a rattlesnake. I'm glad Spook is OK and hope the humans will be recovered soon.

Sounds like a lovely trip to the National Forest! Judy sounds like a pretty nice person. I will wait for the results of the biopsies and prayer they are all right and the dermo is right. What a find in the shoes!

After last weke you deseerve a quiet week!

I'm glad to hear you are making progress on the cancer book.


Mary said...

I'm so glad they liked it!

William J. said...

Hi Mary

They did and this was my first time with it so I am sure I did a couple of things wrong, it will be even better next time!