Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dancing, Childhood, and Where In The World?

I think I am good to go for the football party tonight from five to ten. Intelligent men acting like idiots and good food. Got the sandwich stray, the desert, the chips, and the veggie tray. I will leave her about four to get there. Then after two days at Mom's I can rest for some days.

They announced the Dancing With The Star cast last night and is obvious ABC is going for the controversial factor with a transsexual and a hypocritical legal mind. Appearing the year:

George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis. Kristin Cavallari from "The Hills". Head hypocrite Nancy Grace. Cher's son Chaz. Has been Ricki Lake. Wilson Phillips singer Chynna Phillips. Soccer star Hope Solo. War veteran J. R. Martinez. You can see the rest of the cast here:


Do you sometimes wonder how people know about your childhood? They know your childhood because it is written all over your face:


Where in the world? Where in the world would you like to live? Here are some hint:


I like Vancouver, B.C. on that list but good old Oregon is just fine with me.

Comment away.


Inez Milholland authored yesterday's quote. "Women more than men can strip war of its glamour and its out-of-date heroisms and patriotisms, and see it as a demon of destruction and hideous wrong." was authored by a woman born in 1867 and died 1940. She was a nurse; social worker; public health official; teacher; author; editor; publisher; activist for peace, women's, children's and civil rights; and the founder of American community nursing. Her unselfish devotion to humanity is recognized around the world and her visionary programs have been widely copied. The New York Times named her as one of the 12 greatest living American women in 1922 and she later received the Lincoln Medallion for her work as an "Outstanding Citizen of New York.” In 1937 a radio broadcast celebrated her 70th birthday; Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt read a letter from her son, President Franklin Roosevelt, in which he praised her for her “unselfish labor to promote the happiness and well being of others.” Houses on Avenue D in Manhattan were named for her. The Henry Street Settlement and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York continue the work she started more than a hundred years ago. Who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

Let's see, who of the "stars" have I ever even heard of? Chaz, Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, David Arquette, but I couldn't put a face to him. I am familiar with Carson Kressley from "Queer Eye".

Those are the ones I've heard of. Do I care about any of them. I like Chaz and Carson from the little I've seen of them, but do I really care? Nope.

The "symmetry" study sounds like so much BS to me, but who knows, it could have some merit. I'd love to see Melbourne. Well, I'd love to see just about anything in Australia or New Zealand, but I doubt I'll ever get there, so will have to be content with photos, travelogues, and news items.

Lady DR said...

Since I don't watch TV and have never seen DWTS, all the names escape me. Fortunately, this doesn't bother me.

I'm with Pat on the symmetry study - I think it's a bunch of hooey. Genetics form most of our features, from facial to body and I can't imagine that one's childhood creates symmetry or otherwise. I suspect a chunk of change was spent on the long term study and that change could have served a better purpose.

We've long wanted to visit Australia, but don't see it happening. Interesting to note there were no US cities mentioned and that many cities lost standings due to unrest about economics and such.

Lady DR said...

Oops, forgot - have a great time at the football party tonight! Sounds like a lot of fun to me (g).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I've heard of most of the stars which tells me I am watching to much TV. I do wish there would be a season where they would just pick normal people instead of going for the controversial.

I thought the symmetry study was interesting but bull. I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one that didn't believe what they were telling me.

I would love to go to Australia when I win the lottery I am taking you with me.


William J. said...


But your mom is fan of Dancing, no?
Wonder if she still is now that she is with your sister. BTW we haven't had an update on her for a while. What is the laterst.

All three of us are on the same page. I agree with you about the better us of money.

I also noticed that there wasn't any US cities mentioned. We have some nice ones but right now nobody wants to live here.

When I win the lottery I am hosting a Dahn report offline meeting in Australia.


William J. said...


It was a fun time but I am glad it is over. Since I am the one in charge of it, it is a lot of work. I do the scheduling and the food and getting the food there and setting it out, then cleanup, and home.

So it was fun but I am glad it is done. Now two days at mom's then a weekend doing four work projects for Mom this weekend and I can then just enjoy life.