Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mamma Mia What An Update

Tonight Nancie and I are going to the Broadway Version of MAMMA MIA'S which I am sure will be better than the movie version because people in plays actually can sing. It is at the Keller Auditorium. We have orchestra tickets:

We are having dinner at the Vertible Quandry befpre the play. Since I bought the tickets, she wanted to pay for the dinner. She chose the place and it is the perfect place:

We already know I am OCD so this morning early I drove down to downtown Portland to scope things out so I don't get lost tonight. Found the perfect parking lot, right between the restaurant and the Keller.

Dinner is at 5, play is at 6:30. The Keller is three blocks from the restaurant.. Looks doable to me. Hope I stay awake the whole time.

Tomorrow is the only day next week that I have no plans. Tuesday is the annual football party. Wednesday and Thursday at Mom's. Friday is picking up work from my friend Mark at his CPA. The CPA with prostate cancer, in another bit of sad news his dad died last week. Saturday the Oregon Ducks start the season against LSU and of course I am setting aside time to watch the game. I've cleaned out my lucky spot so I can stand there the entire games. I usually put on three thousand steps watching the game.

Last week? Sunday was Scrabble with my mom and my brother from Wyoming.. Monday was finishing some things for the football party. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Mom's. Friday was getting the car washed and Saturday getting a haircut. Friday night was also going to Mom's for a little get together. Brother and his wife came over to say goodbye to Mom as it was their last night in town. Susan the caregiver and yours truly was there. It was a fun conversation and unexpectedly the problem child was actually nice to me.

That's my update. Now give me yours. I would love your updates. And don't shy away if it isn't positive. We all go through tough times and at times we all need support. Reality is that life isn't always positive and rosey. When you share tough times you not only get support from us, you may also provide support for others going through tough times too. So D fire away.

Update Away.

Sign on a church:

"People are like tea bags you have to put them in hot water before you know how strong they are."


Pat said...

Have fun at MAMMA MIA! I know you will. Not a great show, but definitely a lot of fun. And I'm sure the dinner will be great. I just looked at the menu, and I'm drooling a little. Great name the place has, also. {g}

Sorry to hear that Mark lost his dad. Like he didn't have enough on his plate, right?

If I think of it, which I probably won't, I'll do a little rooting for the Ducks next week. But, er, don't count on me.

Love the hot water comment.

Lady DR said...

Hope you're getting ready to enjoy the night out with Nancie as I type. Sounds like a great time.

I'm catching up. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Bless you for recognizing Bob's contributions. Sounds like last week was busy, plus. I'm sorry to hear about Mark's dad. If he accepts hugs from strangers, please pass one on. Sounds like next week is going to be equally busy.

MY weeks was less than stellar, but this happens. Finished the draft on a large editorial project. Hope to proof and finalize it tomorrow (hoping I didn't shoot myself in the foot with any of the revisions). Did four days at the pool. Arrived Tues AM to be told our access hours had changed, effective the next morning. Since only five of us were there, a large number of folks showed up the rest of the week and had to cool their heels, waiting to get in. Then Friday a large notice says our access hours have been reduced, again no advance warning. The transition is not going smoothly. Line dance Wednesday. The rest of the week was laundry, ironing, groceries, training and playing with Scamp. The email program crash on Friday kinda threw things into a cocked hat and we're still dealing with that. Major issue is we can't get to the data files, with the address book and all the inquiries and responses (including estimates) from/to clients. Himself has spent hours battling with it, to no avail so far.While he battled, I had no access to the computer. Hadn't realized how much I depended on it, not only for clients, emails and the blog, but for daily news.

Next week? Get the backup disk from the safety deposit box and see if we can rebuild the address book and client stuff up until 3 months ago. Set up computer for automatic backup to outside hard drive once a week. Finish editorial project, two days at the pool, line dance, chiro. Get the RV cleaned and loaded, prepare meals and get ready to head to the Shelby hamfest on Thursday morning. Home either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Given the various events of last week, I'm figuring we got all the cr*p out of the way and I can thoroughly enjoy the rest of my sixty-fifth year!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I don't mean to be argumentative but this version of MAMMA MIA was great,fantastic, would have had you up dancing and singing. Maybe a reveiw today on the blog. I will say now that the lady that played Rosie stole the show.

Both Marks. I mean cancer is enough and then lose a love one. It sucks.

I will offer reminders for the Ducks.


William J. said...


MAMMA MIA was great.

You are welcome for the bday wishes I just wish it would have a better day.

With Bob it really one of the cases where what you are doing means more than actually doing it. Not that much. But is recognizes her deserves more.

I think where Mark is act he will accept hugs from strangers.

Good for finishing the large project!

That sucks at the pool, it seems like they are on a mission to discourage from coming. If it is possible to find another pool that is what I would do. Glad you got the line dincing in. The other errands are have to dos even though they may be boring.

E-mail crashes arn't fun. What a nightmare. I couldn't exist without my email.

Sounds like your next week is very busy. The Hamfest sounds like a lot of work to get ready for but also a needed break.


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