Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Night Revisited

First I will report in on last night. It was a great time. The play was fantastic and people were dancing in the aisle's at the end of the performance. The play MAMMA MIA was at least a thousand times better than the movie. For those that don't know the story a young woman that was completely raised by her Mom is getting married. The daughter reads her Mom's diary and discovers three men that could be her father. Without the mom knowing it she invites the three men to her wedding. This my rundown. The actress or actor that played the role in the movie will be in ().

Mary Callanan as Rosie (Julie Waters) simply stole the show. If anyone says any different they weren't in the audience. There was a ten to fifteen minute scene with her and Tanya (Christine Baranski) played by Alison Ewing, the second best scene stealer in the movie that was hilarious, well acted, and the harmony between the two when they sang DANCING QUEEN was amazing.

While every time Ms. Callanan was on stage a stunning voice and lots of laughs happened the best song of the night goes to Donna (Meryl Streep), the mother, played by Kaye Tuckerman when she sang THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL. Stunning.

While the men didn't sang as well as the women they were definitely better than the men in the movie. Benjamin J. McHugh as Sam was a gigantic improvement over the movie's Pierce Bronson.

If you like lots of energy, great music, and a funny story go to the play version of Mamma Mia, you won't regret it.

Oh and the dinner before the movie was great. Great food and after dinner we walked to the venue.

Moving on to the rest of today's post. First, Kate Winslet and now Brad Pitt:

Next is an article about men in the work force:

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"I am prepared to sacrifice every so-called privilege I possess in order to have a few rights." Was said by a woman born in 1886 and died in 1916. She was was a suffragist, labor lawyer, World War I correspondent, and public speaker who greatly influenced the women's movement in America. She attended Vassar College, where she was once suspended for organizing a women's rights meeting. The president of Vassar had forbidden suffrage meetings, but she and others held regular "classes" on the issue, along with large protests and petitions. I vehemently protested against America's involvement in World War I. She was a labor lawyer and was involved in the production of the socialist journal, The Masses. Who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

The show sounds really good! So often one that will kill onstage falls flat when made into a movie. Probably more due to casting than anything else. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening there.

Let's hear it for Brad Pitt. Not just a pretty boy. {g} And rather sad about men and the workplace. Actually, the workplace in general isn't so great these days. I sure hope things pick up before they fall apart completely.

Lady DR said...

First, i'll apologize for my typing. Stung on palm by yellow jacket late morning. Good news is, I didn't have to use the epipen and go to ER. Not so good is constant ache and painin hand, thumb and wrist. Supposedly, this goes away after 7-8 hours.

Sounds like you had a marvelous time at the play, dahrling. I'm so gald. People raved about the movie, altho we've yet to see it.

Nice to see another of the country's "stars" step up to the plate in an emergency.

Article is men in workforces is depressing, if not real surprising. We really must find a means gaining men skills that are sellable and creating jobs for them. We see so many here, who've been unemployed for several years. Many of the mill workers don't have even a high school diploma, let alone college, had worked in the mills all their lives and that was their single skill. SC is trying to find money to provide tech education, but the numbers overwhelming.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

A lot of people loved the movie but I thought it would have been better with a different cast. Kevin Bacon can sing he could have been better then Bronson.

I was pleased to see Pitt was not one who stepped back and waited for someone else to step up. The workplace is the worst it has been for years. They need to quit bickering and get the butts together to fix the job market.


William J. said...


Don't adologize for heaven's sake, you shouldn't be typing at all. You should be resting. Prayers you way that the pain has already went away.

I was impressed that Pitt didn't do what stars usually do, sit back and wait for someone else.

The men article is depressing and surprising. The reducation of our society to new jobs would be well worth whatever we spend on it. More people back to work, more people pay taxes, more people spend morning for groceries, new cars, etc. I thing a lot of areas right now are just like yours.